COVID-19: Buhari To Address Nigerians On Monday As FG Considers ‘Isolated Lockdowns’ In States

Buhari will decide on whether or not the country should go ahead with the second phase of the easing of the lockdown.

President Muhammadu Buhari will be addressing Nigerians on Monday evening, as the first phase of the gradual easing of the coronavirus lockdown comes to an end.

COVID-19: Buhari To Address Nigerians On Monday As FG Considers 'Isolated Lockdowns' In States 1

This was announced by the national coordinator of the presidential task force on COVID-19, Aliyu Sani during an interview on ‘Sunday Politics’, a programme on Channels TV.

Aliyu revealed that the president’s address will majorly focus on whether or not the country will proceed with the second phase of easing the lockdown.

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Boss Mustapha, the Presidential Task Force (PTF) and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), said the federal government might impose ‘isolated lockdowns’ in certain parts of the country.

The PTF chairman who dismissed the possibility of another nationwide lockdown, stated that some cluster areas in certain parts of the country, would be closely monitored for possible intervention as advised by medical experts.

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According to him, Isolated lockdowns might not affect the entire states, but affected parts for efficient administration, enforcement and monitoring.

Mustapha cited the federal government’s intervention in Kano State, as an example of how the isolated lockdown might look.

He also noted that the situations reports across the country were being monitored closely, so the federal government will determine when to intervene.

On Saturday night, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) announced 338 new positive cases of coronavirus, increasing the tally to 5,959 in the country. A total of 1,472 have been discharged, while the number of deaths rose to 176.


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  1. Let the truth be told and stop painting an unreal picture to the masses because you want our Media to keep sending news abroad to get more aids and loans.

    In the 1st week of April or thereabout, there were few cases and 2 deaths. Now we have 5,959 cases with 182 Deaths and 1,594 recoveries. Do you people take all Nigerians for fools?
    Who are these dead people in your updates? Don’t they have families? Present them to us.
    Those that died in Kano died of Cholera and you all knew it.
    Abba Kyari died of Old age and having a severe malaria, not corona virus
    Even Raymond Dokpesi and his family was only used to scam Nigerians and he was receiving Malaria treatment. But he never knew that he did not have corona virus, but Dokpesi and his family was fooled to make us think there is a virus truly. NCDC IS JUST ADDING NUMBERS AND DO NOT WANT THIS MONEY MAKING VENTURE CORONA VIRUS TO END SOON. THEY ARE WORKING HAND IN HAND WITH OUR FAKE GOVERNMENT AND PILING UP FAKE UPDATES TO GET FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

    Go to all Hospitals in Nigeria now, you will not hear of Malaria, Typhoid or Diarrhea anymore. All we have now is corona virus. Bunch of phoney people.
    My point is, before testing kits were brought, everything looks normal and the cases we have been having are not Corona Virus cases, these people were just malaria and typhoid fever patients and they were among the few cases at the early state.
    But since after the testing kits were brought into Nigeria, the whole story and updates on COVID-19 skyrocketed.

    These Testing Kits had already been programmed to test everyone positive of COVID-19. It is not real. Those kits had been programmed. Our government are playing cards with White people and making us look like animals who can’t understand a thing.

    Just recently, a lot of money coming from foreign land and just recently, 3.something Billion xxxxxx loans was approved for Nigerian government. For What Exactly?

    Stop making things look worst whereas, it is not as worst as our government are portraying the picture.
    All recent cases are mere malaria and typhoid patients. Why fooling Nigerians?

    Apostle Johnson Suleiman and other Pastors with healing powers from God volunteered to go and pray for the so called Corona Virus victims NCDC is piling, but the government is not allowing them do their work as Pastors, because government know it that if Pastors will pray for these people and they are healed. Then the case will be settled.
    The excuse our government is giving is that social distancing must be exercised.
    Why not allow these Pastors pray?
    But you are not allowing them because, you are still collecting huge amount of money from foreign on this issues and your only plan is to keep extending it and do not want it to end now. May Allah kill you all of a severe typhoid one by one.

    Why are these leaders plotting negativity on its citizens and locking Churches and Mosques down because of mere malaria and typhoid issues which you are referring to as Corona Virus?
    This is absolutely a funny game. So sad.

  2. adewale adekanye well say, God bless your families….
    those fucking nuisance and ignorance think we are all fool, not knowing that they are fucking fooling them self and children,
    if truly God exist, all of them especially our president they we never have a rest of mind, an accident shall be they portion…….
    fuck you bitch all

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