Evil Father Strangles His 10-Year-Old Daughter To Death Because ‘She Raised Her Voice At Him’

A father admitted killing his 10-year-old daughter after she “raised her voice” at him because he knew ‘he wont really be punished’ in Iran.

An evil father identified as Hussein Alef has admitted to killing his 10-year-old daughter, Hadith Orujlu, by strangling her with her own belt because ‘she raised her voice at him’ in Iran.

According to TheSun, Alef committed the evil act after asking his neighbours what the punishment would be for murdering his daughter, and had felt he understood he would not be punished.

He was said to have stangled his daughter with her belt, before using her manteau, an Iranian jacket which falls down to the knees in agreement with Iran’s modesty laws, to suffocate her.

After killing her, Mr Alef is said to have admitted to the crime, telling cops: “My daughter raised her voice to me a lot, I got angry for a moment and couldn’t control myself anymore.”

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Forensic reports found that the young girl had died from asphyxiation after being strangled, Iran International TV reported.

A witness identified as Rahimeh Faizi told police that the evil father already knew he won’t be punished according to Iran law. He said:

“He knew that because he was a father, the law did not provide a severe punishment. He said ‘I will pay a ransom and stay in prison for a few years’.”

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Murder is punishable by death under the Sharia law “eye for an eye” interpretation, but the law offers exemptions for the killing of a child by a legal guardian.

The Iranian government is yet to pass a bill aimed at protecting children from violence, so its unclear what punishment Mr Alef will face.

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