Man Attempts To Have Sεx With Woman’s Corpse In Front Of Her Family At Her Funeral

man tried to have SEX with corpse at funeral because he’d ‘always dreamt of having sex with her’

A 49-year-old man identified as Big ‘Bigman’ Sipiliano has been arrested for attempting to have sex with a woman’s corpse at her own funeral in Muguta, Epworth in Zimbabwe.

Man Attempts To Have Sεx With Woman's Corpse In Front Of Her Family At Her Funeral 1

Sipiliano, who was arrested for mounting the body of 20-year-old Melisa Mazhindu in front of horrified mourners at the funeral, said he’d ‘always dreamt of having sex with her’

The deceased mother, Phillipa Mazhindu, 47, told the police that Sipiliano claimed he loved Melisa and felt sad that she died before they had sexual intercourse.

“He said that even if she was dead, there would be nothing wrong with him fulfilling his desires,” Mazhindu said.

“He proceeded to uncover the corpse, which was lying in the room, slept on top of it, and made up and down movements simulating sex whilst his friend blocked us from interfering.”

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According to local reports, Sipiliano entered a room containing Ms Mazhindu’s body, which was being looked over by her mother and two female mourners.

The 49-year-old was reportedly drinking beer and smoking cigarettes inside the room for an unspecified amount of time along with another man, who was not named.

He then told mourners: “Greetings elders, you know I loved this lady but she has gone before I had slept with her. However, it is not too late, I can still have intercourse with her before she’s buried, I am ready.”

The grieving mum tried to intervene, but couldn’t stop him from removing a white cloth covering the young woman’s corpse, witnesses told police.

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Sipiliano then allegedly mounted the woman’s corpse and simulated sex with her. He reportedly remained clothed during the incident.

The other man he had entered the room with held back the three female mourners as they tried to intervene, according to the police report.

Other guests at the funeral heard the women screaming and came to intervene, and then notified police who arrested both men and charged them for indecent assault and violating a dead body.

Sipiliano and his accomplice have both been remanded in custody until 8th February.They face up to five years in prison plus a hefty fine if found guilty, according to local reports.

KanyiDaily had also reported how a man, who buried for over a year, was found to be breathing with his body still intact showing no sign of decay in Imo State.

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