Video Production Mistakes To Avoid in 2022

Marketing helps attract new customers to your brand. Today’s marketers look for new avenues to put their content in front of a massive audience. As video creates a 92% audience reach among internet users, it’s enough evidence for any business that pays close attention to video production.

Video Production Mistakes To Avoid in 2022

Unfortunately, many businesses underestimate the importance of higher production quality. They often fail to make the proper budget to accommodate video production cost and pay more than they shot for subpar video content.

As 82% of the global internet traffic in 2022 will be coming from videos, here are five video production mistakes you need to avoid in 2022.

1. Not having a video production plan in place:
Like every project, video production needs extensive planning weeks and months before the production starts. The planning consists of understanding the target audience, what type of video content needs to be created, the expected customer reach, duration of the video, the video’s budget, and many other important video production decisions.

A video production without a plan is destined to fail miserably. Lack of planning can lead to subpar video content, with no relevant messaging, poor video production quality and wastage of production budget. If you want to avoid all this, develop a full-proof video production plan. The plan should
mention the duration, budget and timeline of the project. It should also consider the possible risks and inconsistencies in the project, like project delays and technical errors.

2. Not having a budget in mind:
Having a production budget in mind is the first step towards successfully completing a project. Lack of proper budget can lead your project towards an abrupt end with no output in hand. Many companies often make hasty decisions and end up underestimating the video budget. The average video production cost ranges from $1000 to $3000, depending on the video length. You need to plan your budget accordingly.

3. Hiring the cheapest video production service:
Unless you have an in-house video production team, it’s best to hire a video production company for your video needs. They have all the essential equipment, software, a team of cinematographers, storyboard artists, designers, editors, sound engineers and many others. Hiring all these professionals for a single project won’t make sense. That is why businesses
rely on video production companies. Unfortunately, many novice business owners choose the cheapest video service they can get.

It’s important to understand that cheapest is not always the best. You might save some bucks on video production cost, but it will result in poor video production quality and project delay. The top video production companies charge competitively and offer industry-grade services, and they ensure timely delivery of the project and top-notch production quality.

4. Making irrelevant video:
Making irrelevant videos is worse than not having a video. Many companies want to jump on the trend wagon and start producing videos that are of no relevance to them. They often fail to create any traction, mainly because they lack the essence and relevance to their audience. The storyline and content of the video must be relevant and relatable to their audience, and it should create value for them. On top of that, the video should be engaging too.

According to Facebook, if your video engages the viewer for 3 seconds, they are more likely to spend at least 30 seconds watching that video. It means you need to create a video hook at the beginning of the video to keep the viewers interested.

5. No call to action:
Even if you succeed in creating a highly engaging, relevant video, it’s still work half done. Now that you have captured the viewer’s attention and created a curiosity and intrigue in their mind, it’s time to hit the home run.

You need to direct the viewers towards your brand so that they can take further action, i. e. set up an appointment, buy a product and send an enquiry. Despite creating amazing video content, many companies often fail to get any leads, mainly because their videos lack a compelling call to action.

You can direct the viewers to your product page, contact page, and appointment form. That way, you can immediately take further steps when the lead is still hot.

Video content is undoubtedly the magic key to reaching a massive audience. But this magic key is only helpful if you follow the proper video production practices and avoid the mentioned mistakes to up your video marketing game in 2022.

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