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Barnabas Samuel: Biography, Age, Net worth, Wife, Music, Family

Barnabas Samuel is a South Sudanese Musician, community activist, author and songwriter. He is also the co-founder of the Community Development Center.

Barnabas Samuel: Biography, Age, Net worth, Wife, Music, Family
Who is Barnabas Samuel?

Barnabas Samuel is one of the best South Sudanese Reggae, afrobeat artiste and songwriter. He is also a community activist and humanitarian. While his real names are Barnabas Samuel, he said at home his family calls him ’Amule’ ‘Emman’ & ‘Sam’ which is often used as a nickname for Samuel. He is known for composing songs against social and political injustices, awaking public social conscience, and bringing issues of the people to the forefront. Barnabas Samuel is behind hit songs like Sambara, sejerina, masire, and many more.

When Barnabas Samuel sung the song ‘Mimi’, it has been rumoured that he in love, and it seems they later became married officially and already have a son called Smyrna Barnabas.

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Barnabas Samuel Biography

Barnabas Samuel was born on 25th May 1993 in Kaya, Morobo County – Central Equatoria State during the time his parents were moving to the refugee camp in Uganda due to Civil War in his country. he comes from Lainya County which makes him a Pojulu by the tribe. Barnabas Samuel Loves Horses.

Barnabas Samuel Family | Parents | Siblings | Wife | Child | Son | Mother | Father | Church

Barnabas Samuel comes from a family of Mr John Sebit Pusa Soro who is the father, tailor and traditional chief of his village and Mrs. Monica Melesi Henry who is the mother, a retired teacher and a devoted member of the Anglican church.

He is the firstborn of their five children, his siblings are Selua Lula, Jaiksana Soro, Ronald Ladu aka Taylor Beats, and Mathew Gita. He grew up in Yei, A small town in the Central Equatoria state. – South Sudan.

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Barnabas Samuel Education, work, experiences and background

Barnabas Samuel attended Nyarillo Pionier Koboko Uganda for his nursery school, Nyarilo (Koboko), Christ the King and Kanjoro Primary School for his primary, Yei Day Sec School for secondary school.

Early Life

Born into a life of poverty and refuge, and coming from a broken home in a war-torned country, his earlier life experiences were of suffering, hopelessness, extreme poor, and spending some of his life in the streets. He says he has always been working hard to change his future and that of his family, Barnabas Samuel encapsulates the very meaning of what it means to be a true survivor. Music to him is a perfect form of escapism and channel through which his unprecedented levels of determination, passion, enthusiasm, optimism, and perseverance flow. He uses personal and his Country’s life story as fuel for his music.

He was earlier known by many as a Gospel Evangelist, and was the Founder/Speaker of the Bible Truth Sowers Ministries. Most people connect to him for his inspirational messages & words, indeed, he is ‘Barnabas’ the son of encouragement. He is also a humanitarian, Co-Founder and Development Programs Manager of the Community Development Centre – CDC, a community concern and interest organization with Headquarters in South Sudan and presence in Uganda and DRC.

His organization works to address the urgent needs of communities, provides empowerment and creates platforms for community development. Barnabas Samuel is passionate about community and is known for his community activism work of improving the quality of life of his community, promoting community life, reporting on community development needs, and issues facing youth, women and girls in the community.

A few years ago, he established the Barnabas Samuel Foundation which is helping to offer opportunities for all to live a fulfilled life.

Music career

Barnabas Samuel says his inspiration and love for music is from his mother and other family members as most members were singers way back from his childhood. He has also drawn inspiration from South Sudanese legendary reggae singer Emmanuel Kembe Barnabas Samuel says music could play home and his dad could ask him dance to the songs, However, his musical journey started in his old days in the church and his music career began on 2nd September 2021 when he released his first album Sambara. The album was a big success of his career.

Barnabas Samuel works with producers such as Poppa Idelu Mani Beati aka DJ Poppa, Joshman Perfection, his brother Taylorbeats and many more. Currently, Barnabas Samuel has formed his music label called GANYA RECORDS which he aspires to develop into one of the best in his country, and the region.

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