Blackout Across Nigeria As National Grid Collapses Again For Eighth Time This Year

Nigeria’s electricity national grid has collapsed again.

Nigeria has been plunged into darkness after the national electricity grid suffered a fresh system collapse on Monday for the eighth time in 2022.

Blackout Across Nigeria As National Grid Collapses Again For Eighth Time This Year

National Power Grid Collapse

Major electricity distribution companies (DisCos), in different notices to customers, said the national grid collapsed at about 11 am on Monday.

In a notice to its customers, the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company PLC (EEDC) said the system collapse led to the loss of supply across the country.

It reads, “The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company PLC (EEDC) wishes to inform her esteemed customers of a system collapse which occurred at 10:51 am today, 26th September 2022. This has resulted in the loss of supply currently being experienced across the network.

“Due to this development, all our interface TCN stations are out of supply, and we are unable to provide service to our customers in Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States.

“We are on standby awaiting detailed information of the collapse and restoration of supply from the National Control Centre (NCC), Osogbo.”

The Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKDC) also confirmed that the grid collapse occurred at about 11:27 am.

“Dear customers, we regret to inform you of a system collapse on the national grid at precisely 11:27 am today, Wednesday, July 20. We are in talks with the Transmission Company of Nigeria to ascertain the cause of the collapse and a possible restoration timeline.

“We will keep you updated on the situation,” the Disco said via its Twitter handle on Wednesday.

Benin Electricity Distribution Company EPlc (BEDC) also confirmed the development.

“The Management of BEDC Electricity Plc (BEDC) regrets to notify its customers within its franchise states of Delta, Edo, Ekiti and Ondo of a system collapse which occurred today, 26th September 2022 at 10:51hrs.

“As a result of this development, all our feeders are out of supply and this has caused disruption of power supply to our esteemed customers across these coverage areas.

“We plead for your kind understanding over the situation and assure that supply will be normalised in due course immediately the system is restored,” the statement reads.

Other DisCos including Kaduna Electric, and Kano had also communicated the nationwide outage to their customers noting that efforts were ongoing to restore supply.

The national grid had collapsed eight times in 2022 — the last incident in July. It collapsed once in June and twice in March and April 2022.

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