Peter Obi Interviewed On CNN, Reveals His Plans To Solve Nigeria’s Problems [Video]

Peter Obi says Nigerians need to be deliberate about electing good leaders.

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi has revealed how he intends to tackle the challenges bedeviling the country if elected president in 2023.

2023: Peter Obi Interviewed On CNN, Reveals His Plans To Solve Nigeria's Problems

Peter Obi Tells CNN How He Intends To Fix Nigeria

During an interview with Zain Asher on CNN on Friday, the former Anambra governor described Nigeria as a “mess”, adding that politics of “my turn”, as well as politicians who promote ethnicity and religion are keeping Nigeria “underdeveloped”.

He said, “That is what it was yesterday. And that is our problem, because we have been able to elect people based on ethnicity, religion, ‘my turn’, connection, or one form of bias or the other, which brought us to where we are — or structure, which I always say is structure of criminality,

“That is what we want to dismantle now and ensure that the next election is based on character, capacity, competence, commitment to do the right thing.

“Nigeria is not just in a physical mess; it is at the last stage to collapsing. The people in the north don’t have a secured place; they don’t have good roads; they don’t buy bread cheaper than people in the south. So [it is with] people in the south.

“All you hear about ethnicity, religion, connection, ‘my turn’ is elite conspiracy to keep Nigeria underdeveloped. But now, we have reached the edge. We can no longer continue this way.”

On how he intends to solve Nigeria’s problems, Obi said the first thing he plans to do is to put security in place so that farmers will be able to return to their farms and cultivate on the vast lands the country has.

He vowed that his government will focus on restoring stability to the war-ravaged North because the insecurity in the region is impacting negatively on the economy.

He said, “One is that you have to deal decisively with security. It is impacting negatively on your economy today.

“Because you have to get your farmers to go back to the farm, and start ensuring that the vast land of the North is invested and cultivated on. You have to start pulling people out of poverty as quickly as possible.

“You have to reduce aggressively the cost of governance and deal with the issue of corruption.”

Asher, who described Obi as the most popular candidate among the young people asked, ”Nigerians are used to being disappointed by their leaders, can all the problems of Nigeria which are corruption, oil theft, insecurity, physical.. be solved by one person?

The former governor replied, “If we have a leader that is competent, have the capacity, and commitment to deal with it, no one will solve it overnight.

“But there will be a clear, visible, measurable attempts to dealing with it. And they are things that are solveable. There are things they can be dealt decisively.”

Obi further noted that Nigeria needs a leader who is competent and has the capacity with clear measurable vision to deal with the challenges of high-indebtedness, oil-theft, corruption, and a comatose economy.

Watch the video below:

KanyiDaily recalls that a recent poll conducted by the ANAP Foundation has shown that Peter Obi would win if Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election was held.

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