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Music Journalist, Joey Akan Says It’s Easier To Find Success In Nollywood Than In Music

He highlighted some factors to back up his argument.

Nigerian entertainment Journalist, Joey Akan has explained why it is easier to find success in Nigeria’s Nollywood than in the country’s music industry.

Joey Akan

Akan was reacting to a comment he said someone made about Nollywood becoming a dumping ground for popular Instagram persons and Big Brother Naija (BBN) housemates.

In a tweet on his official handle on Monday, he argued that the music industry will never have such a situation.

According to him, “its easier to find success in Nollywood as an actor, than to blow in the turbulent Nigerian music industry.”

He highlighted some factors to back up his argument.

Some of these factors included capital, connectivity,  and size of work.

Explaining these factors in detail, Joey Akan wrote:

Capital Intensive: You get paid to act in movies where someone else bears the cost of the entire production. In music, you pay to make music, pay to market it, pay to get any attention, and even pay to be successful. As an actor, you aren’t as financially leveraged. You make money in acting. You mostly lose money as a musician.

“Connectivity is key: Without connectivity in music, you can’t make money. People have to like you and your product before you advance on any level. In movies, you aren’t even yourself. People connect with the character of the film, and that bleeds into your personal appreciation. And even if they don’t connect? You’ll still make your money, as long as any studio is willing to hire you.

“The sheer size of work: Acting requires you to be a part of a larger team, where you get writing, filming, editing, scripting, and promo support after you’ve acted. Music? You’re on your own for years, developing writing, performance, recording, and networking skills under the highest levels of existential pressures. And even after you blow? You’ll continue to pay for these, even promo.

“These unique barriers of entry make it easy for “celebrities” who want to be a part of arts and culture to make a choice at the fork in the road. Music will kill you. Perhaps movies will, but not so fast.”

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