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Watch Moment Anthony Joshua Knock Out Robert Helenius In 7th Rounds [Video]

Two-time heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua showcased his prowess by knocking out his opponent, Robert Helenius within seven rounds at London’s O2 Arena on a Saturday night.

Watch Moment Anthony Joshua Knocked Out Robert Helenius In 7th Rounds [Video]

Helenius managed to surprise the audience as he pushed Joshua into the latter stages of their encounter. However, a pivotal moment arrived when Joshua unleashed a single, devastating blow – a massive right cross to Helenius’ jaw – extinguishing his opponent’s efforts.

This formidable punch landed at the 1-minute 27-second mark of the seventh round, resulting in a dramatic knockdown on Saturday night.

Joshua was originally scheduled to face his old rival Dillan Whyte on this occasion, but the plans were thrown into disarray when the bout had to be called off due to adverse findings in Whyte’s pre-fight anti-doping tests.

In the face of this setback, Joshua was forced to seek a replacement opponent with just one week’s notice. It was at this juncture that Helenius, fresh from securing a three-round victory over Mika Mielonen in Finland the previous weekend, stepped up to accept the challenge.

Motivated by the desire to reestablish himself at the pinnacle of the heavyweight division following his early knockout defeat to Deontay Wilder, Helenius began the contest with vigor. He swiftly took the initiative in the first round, launching punches at Joshua’s guard.

Joshua, a former unified champion driven to regain his title, approached the fight with a measured strategy. He gradually chipped away at Helenius’ defenses using calculated combinations, all in preparation for a devastating climax.

By the second round, Joshua had taken control, executing a well-timed left hook that caught Helenius off guard. While his jab repeatedly found its target on Helenius’ body, Joshua refrained from rushing his assault, showcasing his patience and tactical precision.

As the match progressed, Joshua appeared to be sizing up his short-notice opponent, closely studying his movements. However, the audience yearned for a more action-packed display, and murmurs of discontent began to ripple through the arena as early as the third round, demanding a sense of urgency.

Joshua responded to the crowd’s call for more action and displayed his dominance by delivering a powerful right cross directly to Helenius’ jaw in the third round. The impact of the blow was evident, momentarily affecting Helenius.

Undeterred, Helenius gathered himself and weathered a subsequent onslaught in the following round, demonstrating his resilience and boxing prowess.

In the fifth round, Joshua’s precision was highlighted when he connected with a thunderous right punch that resounded with a palpable thud, leaving Helenius momentarily pinned against the ropes.

As the contest entered the sixth round, the pace appeared to dwindle, but Joshua wasn’t content to allow the match to go the distance. He rallied with a sudden burst of speed, catching Helenius off guard.

A crafty jab distracted Helenius, setting up a path for Joshua’s right hand to land squarely on Helenius’ jaw in the seventh round. This impactful shot sent Helenius crashing to the canvas, effectively concluding the bout.

Joshua’s reaction to the victory was a clear indication of his satisfaction with both the result and the manner in which he achieved it. Eager to celebrate his triumph, he briefly left the ring before returning to have his victory officially acknowledged by the referee.

In the end, Joshua’s patience, precision, and relentless pursuit of victory culminated in the desired outcome – a well-earned and spectacular finish to the match.

Watch the video below:

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