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Top 10 Reasons It’s Better to Be a Girl



Top 10 Reasons It's Better to Be a Girl 3

No. 10: We can use his cologne and it’s considered sexy, it so doesn’t work the other way around.
No. 9: We can get a mani/pedi without our friends thinking we’re weird. In fact, they’ll join us.
No. 8: With just a few YouTube video views, we can teach him how to change a tire/fix the toilet/use the power squat machine at the gym.
No. 7: Our showers smell like tropical rainforests and English gardens, not manufactured musk or “sport fever.”
No. 6: We get to continue our childhood art class fun with nail polish and eyeshadow.
No. 5: We can order fruity, pink cocktails with no shame — or a whiskey if we’re feelin’ it.
No. 4: We can feel just as comfortable in a pilates class as we do in Krav Maga or kick boxing.
No. 3: Two words: Shimmer. Gloss.
No. 2: Two more words: Beard. Free.
No. 1: We don’t have to wear makeup, nail polish, or hairspray, but we get to if we want.

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