Chidinma’s Story!!!

Chidinma's Story!!! 1

I am Chidinma from one of the South Eastern state, if you are reading this then I would have giving up the ghost & this is my story:

Pls don’t Judge me but pass on this confession. It may save lives of innocent young girls like me & help better our wicked economy dat steals even from the poor. Myself & six of my friends are into modern day prostitution popularly called RUNZ. We service top Politcians, in Government Houses, Musicians & Super Business men for a very good pay{350,000politicians fee }per outing!

This Men don’t use condom on us “of course wit such money u don’t have a say” they draw our blood with syringe & taste in there private Lab if we are H.I.V positive.. Before sleeping with us. I had dealings with the doctor also who was paid 2million per-show. He reliably ask me to quit that our blood is taken after d test{s} to there Occultic coven to enslave & use us for rituals. Ofcourse I had no course to argue when 4 out of 7 of us died misteriously, one alrerady raving Mad, & am in d hospital with an illness wit no name/cure.. The last one making us 7 is still missing till date. Please this is no game or story check ur sisters & friends those whom have needle holes in there hands are into it.

At a point we become so many{runs gals} that we had to embark on diabolical/juju means to be amongst the choosen ones that will be selected when there is a party. For 350,000 who wouldn’t, I don’t repeat cloths, I have 7-phones, 16 different lines some of which I chew d sim after usage.. Cars. 3house in Lagos. & 12million naira to my account. etc! Non can cure me. Vanity upon vanity, I pray to God 4 my soul.. Pls PASS this on to save a girls life.

U don’t see your family everyday. Your family member or friend may be a victim God forbid… Send,&spread dis message to save some1 2day. God guide u

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