Actress Mercy Johnson Finally Calls Off August 27 Wedding!

Actress Mercy Johnson Finally Calls Off August 27 Wedding! 1

Popular actress mercy Johnson has finally called off her planned wedding to Odianosen Okojie. This is coming after an allegation of husband snatching was leveled against the actress by Okojie’s wife, Lovely.
The development has made nonsense of the glam and allure attached to the impending union in the last couple of weeks.

Mercy reportedly made move to absolve herself of the allegation and revamp her battered image.
Her not so buoyant public rating had nose dived when Lovely went public with the allegations that the groom Mercy intended to walk down the aisle with  is actually another woman’s husband.
Before this disclosure, the Kogi born actress had junketed severally on the pages of celebrity journals feeding the world with details of her love story- and visions of a wedding to be proud.
Apparently she only provided fertile ground for a hard to live down scandal to explode and thrive.
Sources close to the actress claimed that her major sin is not taking off time to know her husband to be thoroughly- she merely swallowed hook line and sinker the tissues of mirage her prince charming fed her.
Insiders alleged that indeed Okojie told her he had child from broken marriage- but not children and wife hidden away.
Informants also alleged that it is the growing public interest in the scandal that forced the cocoon of deceit off Mercy’s eyes with revelations that shattered the mirror of lies by Okojie.
Informed sources disclosed that now that it has dawn on her that her marriage plan to her dream man is rapidly slipping out of her reach, Mercy’s preoccupation right now is to protect her career.
Calling off the marriage is an advised move aimed at portraying her in good light with fans and critics.
She’s said to have intimated stakeholders of this development.
She is being back in this line of action by Christ Embassy, the church that was supposed to host the wedding.
Source claim that despite this move- Okojie is still begging the actress to let them go ahead.
This appears far from becoming reality- even if Mercy agrees- with his wife, Lovely putting things in place to storm the country from her base in Canada and put a stop to the wedding by all means.

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