Dora Akunyili debunks erecting N150m home on NAFDAC land

Dora Akunyili debunks erecting N150m home on NAFDAC land 1
Some time last week, it was alledged that Dora Akunyili built a N150million house on NAFDAC land. (You can read it here if u missed the article). This is what she told reporters.
“How can I tarnish my reputable image by snatching pieces of land that do not belong to me? Even if I want to steal, would it be land? That land was Agulu dump site three quarters away. And do you know that the Agulu land was given to NAFDAC because of me? NAFDAC did not pay a kobo. Why would I steal from it? If I’d wanted to steal $1million every day in NAFDAC, I would have made it without blinking an eye. How much does land cost that I would now acquire another man’s own? And you know land to my people is like oil. You can’t take their land because you are rich. They have to either willingly give it to you or you pay for it. You can’t just grab it without their consent.

 Tell us na how u take get the land?

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