Hey have u seen the movie BLACKBERRY BABES, if u’ve not come lets watch along.

Arghhhh was so bored today, cant believe i didnt go anywhere today…was at home all through. well thank God there was light so it was worth it…But the issue is everybody was just sleeping, and there was no one to talk to save for Jackie who woke intermittently to either eat, wee or take a leak.
                 Guess wat i did, i was on my system watching different musics and clips..reading peoples tweetS and gist…until i remembered this movie i’ve heard so much about, titled BLACKBERRY BABES.
 Heard its very funny and entertaining movie, about what girls do all for a Blackberry..

                   Thought i should put it up for you  could watch along with me.

OK here we go..we are done with part 1..whoops i cant wait for the 2…ope u enjoyed it also..this girls wont kill me….i need to go grab a bite, will be back shortly..
                 So am back, with the part 2…lets go!

See me see wahala oo. this people dont want me to do another thing ooo….am so engrossed in this movie,,lemme go look for the continuation……

Ok i did it…i got it..whoops lets go….lest i forget they tagged it a new name…”THE RETURN OF BLACKBERRY BABES” trust 9ja and names……anyways i no dey chop the name, na the movie i wan watch….lets go!

Uhhhh at last its coming to an end…..this is the last part…..ope it ends well….

So its all over…i didnt finish it all alone though, i was joined by Jackie, Iyke and Chesa…it was worth the time…ope u my dear friend learnt a lot from these movies…Am outta here, need to go stretch my legs..its been a dry but fulfilling day…….

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