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Mercy Johnson Battles Nollywood Actor, Victor Osuagwu Over Marriage Scandal



Mercy Johnson Battles Nollywood Actor, Victor Osuagwu Over Marriage Scandal 5

Mercy Johnson Battles Nollywood Actor, Victor Osuagwu Over Marriage Scandal 6

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Gist has it that Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson is currently mad and angry with leading Nollywood actor and comedian, Victor Osuagwu.

The reason being alleged for her anger has to do with the advice to the Kogi State born entertainer in the last week’s edition of EE magazine.

Mercy immediately reported Osuagwu to their guild (AGN), after reading his advice to her.

She officially complained to AGN recently and begged them to warn Victor and her other colleagues interested in her case to hands off and shut up because it’s a personal issue.

Read a reproduction of Osuagwu’s advice to Mercy Below…….

I am not in a better position to say anything because I don’t know how some people will cook up a story we don’t know how it all happened. Let us just watch and see what is going to happen.Honestly,it is saddening anyway if whatever people might have read or heard is true
I think their marriage is barely two weeks from now. But till then, I will advise our Nollywood actress to always look front, back, right and left before they get into marriages.
Things like this have happened to a lot of them. It still pains me that most of them are getting themselves into such acts. We are not happy hearing about this, for instance, today alone(Sunday),about 12 fans called me to verify if it was true that Mercy Johnson snatched another person’s husband.
So we are advising them to always look before they leap. This also goes out to Nigerian men who are based abroad, I think they have to realize that whenever they come to Nigeria they should not disorganize these girls with anything they feel they could use in doing so all because of marriage.
I think it is high time the ladies set a standard for themselves also and think well. They should know that marriage is a lasting thing not something one should rush into. You have to know the person you want to marry very well.
It is my prayer that there will be an amicable resolution as we wait to see what happens in the coming weeks

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