Ex MBGN responds to gist that she’s dating Terry G

Ex MBGN responds to gist that she's dating Terry G 1

She said; I really don’t know where that story came from.Terry G and I ? Have you ever seen me with him before? I am not in any relationship with Terry G.

When people don’t hear from you for a while,they just decide to talk about you,linking you with one person or the other to see if you will deny or accept it,just to make you say something.

I don’t know where the news came from and I don’t know how they came about it.Has anybody seen me with Terry G? I appreciate it anyway because if people don’t talk about you,it means you are irrelevant.So,I am very grateful.

I guess all those rumour peddlars has better sleep…SMH…but i trust naija ooo, no smoke without fire.

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