German City of Bonn Taxes Prostitutes With Meter…WTF

German City of Bonn Taxes Prostitutes With Meter...WTF 1

The German city of Bonn has installed a meter to tax prostitutes for soliciting
on its streets at a rate of six euros (£5.30; $8.70) per night.

Those who fail to pay face fines or even a ban, and 264 euros were found in the
meter when it was first emptied, according to AFP news agency. Tax has been
levied on prostitutes elsewhere but Bonn is the first city to use a meter, a
spokeswoman said.

But a prostitutes’ rights activist said the scheme
amounted to double taxation. Prostitutes are expected to pay the flat rate,
regardless of earnings. The machine, which looks like an ordinary parking meter,
has been installed in an industrial area near the city centre which favoured by
prostitutes and their clients.

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