Killer Without Regrets – ‘I Killed Him Because He Threatened My Life’

Killer Without Regrets - ‘I Killed Him Because He Threatened My Life’ 1
John Ogbonna who allegedly killed his colleague, Emeka Odoh, in the early hours
of yesterday at 30, Burma Road, Kano, has disclosed that he does not regret
killing Odoh.

threatened my life with words; that was why I did what I did,” Ogbonna told the
police during interrogation this morning.

was transferred from Gizawa Police State to Nomansland Police Station,
Sabongeri, Kano yesterday evening.

to a police source, Ogbonna has not shown any remorse and by his disposition,
the killing was a conscious act.

Caroline, owner of the local eatery where the incident occurred told P.M.NEWSthat
she was bewildered over the incident.

have never, in any way, noticed the two of them quarrelling. I don’t know what
came over that boy, Chinedu. If he claimed Emeka was looking for his trouble, he
never complained to me.

Majiya, Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO in Kano State told P.M.NEWS that
Chinedu was traced to and arrested at his relative’s residence at Gizawa
yesterday morning.

police image maker told P.M.NEWS that
investigation is still ongoing after which the suspected killer will be charged
to court.

the early hours of yesterday, residents of 30, Burma Road, Kano, woke up to find
the body of Emeka Odoh in a pool of blood inside the restaurant of Mrs.
Caroline, popularly known as Nwayioba.

the deceased’s body was a digger stained with blood. The head of Emeka had been

was believed to have attacked Emeka while the deceased was asleep. The duo, who
are both from Enugu State, southeast Nigeria, worked as attendants at the local

with P.M.NEWS,
the suspected killer said: “I carried the digger and hit him on the head and I
stood there until he died. My intention was to kill him and now that he is dead,
I have rest of mind. I killed him at about 12.30am and I opened the gate and
left the compound. I am satisfied that Emeka is dead and I have no

to one of their colleagues, the digger does not belong to the restaurant.
Chinedu and Emeka had been sleeping in the restaurant after each day’s

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