This Lady Was Bounced From The Immigration Office For Dressing Like This [PHOTOSPEAKS]

Nigerian Ports Authority has banned jeans, mini skirts, tight dresses for staff and it looks like some other government agencies have or are planning to follow suit.

This lady IIsa Aida, said she went to the immigration office dressed like this and she was refused entrance.

She wrote on her facebook page:

I have never been as enraged as i am today

“I went to the National Immigration Service located on Airport road, Abuja and my contact person asked me to go to Shehu Shagari House. 

“I got there and as I proceeded to head upstairs as instructed, the front desk officer angrily told me to come back. I told him who I was looking for and he said to go and wait for him outside. It seemed strange but I went outside. 

 “While waiting outside, two female Immigration officers went to the guy at the entrance, pointed at me and instructed the man not to allow me enter because of what I was wearing which is pictured below. 

“I screamed and shouted. My contact came downstairs and they told him that I couldn’t enter with what I was wearing. My understanding of any government agency is that they provide service to the citizens, they do not as an agency or as individuals have powers to legislate dressing. 

“There has to be an end to madness. There has to be an end to anyhowness. Nothing in my 30+ on earth has irked me as much. I will be doing something about that.”

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