New Phone:- ALL GOLD…More bling for your ring with solid gold Phone!

New Phone:- ALL GOLD...More bling for your ring with solid gold Phone! 1

It doesn’t do email, the internet, have a camera, games or GPS navigation, but a new mobile phone from Denmark is literally solid gold…Danish retailer Aesir said it hopes to sell its $57,400 (36,341 pound), limited-edition 18-carat gold phones to Moscow’s fashion-forward elite. The phone, which took three years to develop, is “not a play thing,” company founder Thomas Jensen said, sipping a gin and tonic on the roof top of one of Moscow’s premier hotels

It features no extra applications: No email, games, camera or GPS navigation, but its target clients are the ultra-wealthy, who have staff to manage their calendars and chauffeur them around town.
“It’s a collector’s item. People are used to collecting, say, watches, while designer phones is a practically empty niche,” Jensen told Reuters.

The firm says it will design a new phone every 18 months and produce no more than 5,000 of its classic model, sold for 42,000 euros (36,497 pounds) in gold and 7,250 euros in stainless steel.
“Moscow is becoming a booming contemporary art city. At first people here had only money but now they have style. Their spending is more intellectual and sophisticated,” said Mathias Rajani, Aesir’s chief commercial officer…

I bet girls have something to worry their boyfriends for…No more blackberry and brazillian hair…

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