Justin Bieber Buys 17-Year-Old Childhood Friend A Mustang Convertible For Christmas

Justin Bieber – who is worth about £54 million after just four years in the spotlight – wanted to share some of that fortune with his friends and family back home in Canada.

While staying in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, over Christmas, the 17-year-old gave his childhood friend the keys to a white Mustang convertible.

Ryan Butler today shared a picture of the new two-door ride with his 652,845 followers.

He said simply: ‘Justin got me a present. #swag!!!’

The pair grew up together in the city and Ryan’s British-born parents, Martin and Sharon Butler, took the budding singer under their wing when he was just five.

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Ryan can be seen on Justin’s 2009 video for One Time in which he plays a video game with him.

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