Tonto Dike And Her Carefree Picture.


 I was at the saloon and someone came in with this weavon…Everybody was like wow Tonto Dike is the face of this brand and the weavon started moving from hand to hand. When it got to me, first thing I noticed was the shape of her face on the weavon which I didn’t like and secondly lo and behold one of her nails balled on her, of cos I quickly snapped it…..Kinda funny cos celebrities always have make up artist at their beck and call and even if she aint got one, what happened to the make up artist brought in for the photoshoot..Well it made her kinda the girl next door but left for me alone, with the way she looked and the carelessness on her part and also the brand who stupidly didn’t look at the picture well, nothing will make me ever fix the weavon….Funny but true.


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