Lauw Tjoan Eng’s illness (shocking photos)

Lauw Tjoan Eng’s illness (shocking photos) 1

Lauw Tjoan Eng, 51, has his body covered in benign tumours.
He said he doesn’t look in the mirror because even he is frightened of his reflection.
Small lumps started growing on his face when he was aged just five. They now cover his whole head and body. He eats and goes shopping late at night — often with his face almost completely covered.
He said: “I live on my own and my sisters live quite far away from me so I feel really lonely. I don’t have a job because nobody will employ me so my sisters send me money to survive.
“When I go out during the day people always look at me strangely and I have been ridiculed by people because of the way I look.

“But they don’t know me – so they can’t judge me. I have no wife or children and have never been near a woman.
“So I hope one day I can be cured and find a women who I can be happy with, marry her and live a normal life like everyone else.”
Lauw, from Sawah Besar in central Jakarta, Indonesia, was the first child of five siblings and was born completely healthy.

Lauw Tjoan Eng’s illness (shocking photos) 2

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Lauw Tjoan Eng’s illness (shocking photos) 3

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