Please Dear Friends lets save Laura!

Please Dear Friends lets save Laura! 1

A brilliant and practicing journalist before venturing into PR and advertising field, lady Laura Nduoyo developed episodes of pains, breathlessness on exertion after undergoing surgery at a private hospital in Lagos. She was evaluated at Wuse General Hospital , Abuja by Dr A.J Agidee and found to have acute gastroenteritis resulting in chronic partial intestinal obstruction with terrible pains. She has been operated upon twice and will need to go for treatment in a facility outside Nigeria for corrective surgery, which will cost 5 million naira. Please lets save Laura, don’t let her die!

Name: Laura Nduoyo
Bank: Skye bank, Toyin street, ikeja- Lagos.
Account number: 1760075069.
(For cheques alone)
Name: Laura Nduoyo
Bank : GTB Bank, opebi, Ikeja – Lagos:
Account number: 221852644110
The two accounts are hers. Continue to see a photo of Laura before the illness…

Please Dear Friends lets save Laura! 2

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