You were on the run from the police in London – JJC blasts D’banj

You were on the run from the police in London – JJC blasts D’banj 1

Skillz, who was a part of the JJC & 419 squad (hits including ‘Gbao’, ‘Atide’ and ‘Kilonsele’ and ‘We are Africans’) and has been acknowledged as one of D’baj’s early mentors, has quite a bit to say about the D’banj interview this week. And, as the host of Nigezie’s E News, which conducted the interview notes, “It was not nice.”

In the D’banj interview, he had mentioned JJC as part of his evolution with Don Jazzy thus: ‘People say I’m less talented, I was known as a jester in the JJC squad. I’d make everyone happy and play the mouth organ, but I knew what I wanted. I decided to give Don Jazzy power in 2007 when we realized that after four years, they did not recognize us as a record label. We had signed artistes and done all this work. So we restructured, and restrategized…..if you missed it, you can read it HERE

Skillz is having none of it. He is upset at D’banj saying “we worked for for four years and got nowhere. Why would you be slandering my name?” Noting that the JJC & the 419 squad was “at the top of its game”, he shares how he helped D’banj, Kas and other artistes: “I used to pay Don Jazzy a thousand pounds a month.”

After noting that himself and Don Jazz wrote the lyrics for the song, ‘Mobolowon’, he adds an interesting aside – the song was written because D’banj had issues with the police in the United Kingdom. Ouch.

Confused yet? Welcome to the club – it’s a rambling interview. Skillz, whose star has dimmed over the past few years, clearly has several bones to pick. “If D’banj wants to mention my name,” he insists. “All he should say is thank you.”

Watch the Nigezie interview below..

Video Credits:  Nigezie

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