I am not interested in what D’banj said – Don Jazzy speaks out… again

I am not interested in what D’banj said – Don Jazzy speaks out… again 1

A couple of days ago D’Banj finally broke his silence over the much talked about Mo Hit’s break up. In an exclusive interview with NET Ng, he said: “Don Jazzy was no longer comfortable. You know, we were like fishes out of water, in this new system, starting all over again, like when we returned home in 2004.   I got him a place in the US, set up a studio there, just so he’d be comfortable and be able to work without going to hang around the studios. In one year Jazzy did not make a song. I said, maybe you want to go back to Lagos, you’ll get inspiration there?’…You can read Dbanj’s interview HERE.

Well, Don Jazzy has now spoken out yet again, this time stressing the need for people to respect his privacy. Ascology News reports that in an exclusive phone interview, he stated that he was not interested in getting into a debate.

“I want to be clear on something that I’m not interested in going into the debates of whatever Dbanj has said, be it through an interview, the press, social media or whatever.” he is quoted as saying.

“People should try and understand that these are very difficult moments for me and I need my space, time and moment to carry on with my life and the production of good music which is what fans have known me for a very long time”.

“When this whole thing started, I felt people needed to know what’s happening and in all civility, maturity and wisdom, I made those less than 140 words tweet in 3 separate lines, now see where it has led me to. Mo’Hits is a family and Dbanj is like its son and families do quarrel. Expecting me to come out and start countering accusations by one of my best friends ever while accusing him also in the process doesn’t justify my guilt or my innocence or that of his, He (Dbanj) however has a right to his opinion to grant interviews to whoever he wishes to grant interview to, I won’t stop him and won’t stop anyone who wants to believe whatever he says either”, he said.

“Really, if I start responding to every single accusation, then the ‘lazy’ person I’ve been called would come out, and the ‘Fake’ person I am according to critics would obviously come out since I’m not a talkative and you the media know that, I want the handwork of my music productions and the proceeds of good music at Mo’hits to speak for itself, so asking me to comment on issues like this, I really am not just interested, personally my advice to fans is to concentrate on good music from Mo’hits and huhh….well even from Dbanj himself, music is what we were made to create and not controversies”.

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