Nigerian Soldiers Threaten To Go On Rampage In Sudan

Nigerian Soldiers Threaten To Go On Rampage In Sudan 1
Nigerian Soldiers currently on a
United Nations Peace Keeping Operation in Dafur, Sudan have threatened
to go on rampage if they are not airlifted out and paid allowances owed
them on or before July 3, 2012.
stranded soldiers whose duty tour had expired after the mandatory six
months are from the four Battalions: NIBATTSS 30, 31, 32 and 33
deployed in November 26, 2011 and January 12, 2012.
have been confirmed dead from exhaustion and depression following
negligence on the part of the Military Authorities to pay allowances
owed and keeps to rotation schedules…..continue to read the petition.

A petition sent to by Concerned Soldiers in Dafur accused military hierarchy of corruption and negligence.
They noted with anger that after the completion of the stipulated six
months duty tour, the military hierarchy extended their duty tour with
no explanation and provision for their families back home.
The petition reads:
“Nigeria which was an active participant in the UN peace keeping operations, widely commended for our previous performance of
restoring peace in Sierra leone and Liberia, but presently we lost our
respect especially in United Nations African Union Hybrid Missions in
Darfur due to our ill equipment and corruption existing among top
Nigerian who is who in peace support operation.
situation of our peacekeepers is pitiable as if we don’t belong to any
country. Nobody seems to listen to us or the plight of our family back
home. Even though is against the ethics of military to go to press but
we are pushed to the wall, nobody to listen our cry  apart from the
“As am
writing now Nigerian Troops are Stranded In Nyala, sector south
headquarters of the mission in Darfur, Sudan After The Expiration of
Their 6 Months Tour of Duty – We have four Nigerian Battalions (NIBATTS
30, 31, 32 and 33) on duty in Darfur, Sudan deployed from 26 November,
2011 – 2 January, 2012  after successful completion of their mission
they now stranded with no specific date for rotation. Our expected
period of rotation to Nigeria is 26 May – 3 July, 2012 for the four
battalions; up till  the time of
this report, we have not been rotated. This situation is very
depressing and is dangerously affecting us and our loved ones back
“NIBATT 31 was supposed
to be rotated back to Nigeria between 31 May – 7 June, 2012. Out of
the 800 troops that made up the battalion, only 115 were airlifted to
Nigeria on 31 May; the remaining troops are still stranded in Sudan.
They have added extra weeks to their official date of departure as well
as NIBATT 30 which was supposed to be rotated back home on 26 May.
situation is due to either negligence on the part of the Nigerian
government or the Army in taking up their responsibilities abroad with
respect to their men and women on tour of duty. And the worse nobody
explain to us what is happening as if we are not humans, as if we dont
have anyone that cares for us, as if we dont have the right to know
what affect us. Our family are left helpless because we gave them only
six months cheques, now we are more than six months here, our houses
are crying of money to buy food, fuel generators, pay our children
school fees. Last month a two soldiers fainted and gave up the ghost
due to negligence, depression and uncertainty about our condition. Is
our country that poor cannot charter a commercial flight to bring us
back home or are we not needed back home?
I write, Nigerian Army Peace Keeping Center (NAPKC) in Jaji is full of
troops of the four Battalions that underwent training to rotate the
stranded 4 Battalions here in Sudan. Also the FOB in Abuja where troops
normally spend the night before they are airlifted to Sudan is filled
up with troops awaiting airlift to Sudan. Sudan as we all know is a
very hostile and a desert country with hash weather that makes living
very unbearable. It is unwise for Nigeria to leave us to stay extra
days, weeks or months in Sudan after the expiration of our tour of duty.
“Other Contingents like Thailand, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt and South Africa
have all rotated their troops with chartered planes with passenger
seats of about 220. Nigerian Army is waiting for United Nations to
organize their rotation for them with a plane carrying only 115
passengers, making us to rotate a battalion seven (7) times x 4.
appeal to Nigerians to use their good offices in telling Mr.
President, Senate President, Minister of Defense, Chief of Defense Staff
and Chief of Army Staff as a matter of urgency to bring planes (bigger
ones) to rotate the four Battalions in Sudan not later than 3 July or
else we will create a scenario in Sudan which will deter the on-going
peace process in Darfur. 3rd July is our ultimatum. Please publish this
to the readership of those in Aso Rock. They are all sitting down in
Nigeria eating from our sweat which a battalion generates a month
($700,000:00) for then in the UN.
“We look forward to seeing this news publish today or tomorrow in the various dallies. Thank you and God bless.”
Concern Soldiers in Darfur, Sudan.
Email: [email protected]

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