Two die as a container truck overturns on their Audi on the M62

Deadly drive: Both occupants of the white Audi died at the scene after they collided with a truck on the M62 westbound at 5.50am today 

A man and a woman have died after their car was crushed by a lorry in a motorway smash. The
horrific accident forced the full closure of the westbound carriageway
at junction 26 in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire where the Mercedes truck
collided with the white Audi A5.

occupants of the Audi, a 46-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman, both
believed to be from Bishop Auckland, Durham, died at the scene after the
truck overturned onto the back half of their car…..What a sad way to die.

Overturned truck: While police are investigating the circumstances that led to the Audi being crushed under the truck, the truck driver was sent to hospital for minor injuries

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