How my P.A, who is Gentle Jack's nephew stole my Car and Belongings – Charles Granville

Charles Granville
Jack “Prada” David approached Charles Granville and introduced himself as the PR manager of Scintilla. He offered to work for Granville who later called him to a meeting after much pressure. Terms were not discussed but when Jack found out he will be arriving Lagos to attend the premiere of Last Flight to Abuja, he offered to work as his PA for the day to which Granville accepted…continue

After the premiere and the after party, Charles Granville drove home with his manager, a colleague from Port Harcourt, a radio presenter and Jack after dropping off one of his co-stars at her residence.
Later that saturday, Charles Granville dropped all of them off at points where it would be easiest for them to get a cab home and gave Jack N5,000.

Jack reached Charles Granville by monday night and said he forgot his mother’s umbrella in his car and she was asking for it. Granville offered to drop it with his gateman since it was late and he was to leave Lagos the next morning so he can pick it up whenever and he said ok.

Jack however appeared at Granville’s gate and pleaded to stay the night since it was late and he couldnt go home. Out of sympathy, Granville let him in and left him playing soccer on his PS3 while he went upstairs to sleep.

Granville was supposed to catch an 8am flight but could not get off his bed till past 9am an unusual occurrence which made the Police to suspect he was drugged.

When he finally woke up and got downstairs, he could not find Jack and then discovered the PS3 was missing. He also noticed his laptop and other valuables were missing including 3 of his blackberries. While adjusting to that shock, he noticed the car keys were not where he kept them either.

When he got out of the house, his Nissan Pathfinder registered first with MUS 750 AJ and now using peace ambassador #. PEACE 701 was stolen as well. He asked his gateman who said Jack told him he was sent on an errand by Granville.

All attempts to reason with Jack so he can return the stolen items failed and so, Granville reported to the Police who invited Jack’s parents for questioning.

Jack is a 19yrs old hardened criminal wanted for various crimes against many celebrities and respectable people in the entertainment industry.

His father Mr. David Jack is the older brother of Gentle Jack a Nollywood Actor. It was discovered that Charles Granville and the Jacks are from Abonnema in Rivers State. Jack is still at large and the stolen items, yet to be recovered.

If you have any useful information Pls Call 07056098088, 08023064448, 08165729541 or the nearest police station

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