More Blood As Govt Releases The Bodies Of The Victims Of Dana Air Crash

More Blood As Govt Releases The Bodies Of The Victims Of Dana Air Crash 1

With bottles, knives, bricks and daggers, officials of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, and relatives of Dana plane crash victims this morning attacked journalists who had gone to cover the release of the bodies of the victims.

“He could bleed to death,” a senior journalist said as he and others were rushing Walaka to the hospital with blood gushing from his head.The attacks by officials came from many directions simultaneously and were so severe that a senior photojournalist with the Leadership newspaper, Mr. Benedict Walaka, was scurried to the hospital bleeding profusely from the head.
As Walaka bled and collapsed, another staff from the hospital hit him with a bottle, leaving the pieces all over his hair…continue to read the drama at the hospital.

Planks and other dangerous objects flew all over as pandemonium broke out and journalists scurried to protect themselves.
The officials who had invited journalists to cover the event at a joint press conference yesterday, accused journalists of taking pictures of the morgue, including relatives who came to claim their loved ones.
“You think we are joking here? We don’t want journalists here,” one female official was heard shouting in anger.
As Walaka insisted that he must collect his seized camera, the morgue officials brought an electronic gadget and hit him on the neck as security men called in dragged the about 50-year old veteran journalist.
The hospital was set to release 25 bodies today according to a list pasted at LASUTH. The release will take place every day until Monday.
About 132 bodies had undergone DNA tests and identified. It was learnt that the exercise was yet to be carried out on 16 bodies.
The bodies, it was learnt, would be released to a next-of-kin or an authorised relative. Before the bodies are released, a document signed by the hospital, the ministry of justice and other relevant government agencies would have to complete the process.
The bodies to be released today include those of Levi Ajuonuma, the former NNPC spokesperson and Ehime Aikhomu, son of a former late Naval chief.
Others are Aisha Abdu, Datoru Abikailo, Kaltum Abubakar, Jonathan Abiodun, Ike Abudu, Adekunbi Adebiyi, Oluwadamilare Adeleke, Abraham Adjolola, Inusa Ahmed, Ehi Joel Ailente, Obinna Akubueze, Elizabeth Omuluzua Akweze, Martin Alade, Mahmud Aliyu, Joy Allison, John Hamza Amadu, Raphael O. Amiaka, Oluwatosin Anibaba, Onyeka Chukwuma Anyene, Maimuna Anyene, Roger Aouad, Temitope Aribiyi and Florence Olusola Arokoyu.


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