Pastor Bakare Blasts Mrs. Patience Jonathan

Pastor Bakare Blasts Mrs. Patience Jonathan 1 

Pastor Tunde Bakare’s bracing criticism of the state of Nigerian
politics continued today, with his spotlight turning on First Lady
Patience Jonathan…If you missed his earlier blasting, click HERE.

Before delivering his latest salvo in a series that began on July 22,
Mr. Bakare reviewed the firestorm in cyberspace over his previous
sermon titled “How to Change the Government Peacefully.” He remarked
that “whether anybody likes it or not, we are not waiting for time to
tell. The time is already telling.” In a fervent defense of a political
bent in his recent sermons, Mr. Bakare stated, “You may say I no longer
teach you Bible but politics. That’s fine. Use it, and we will have a
new nation.”

He criticized the declaration of self-autonomy by the Ogoni people.
Even so, he condemned the insincerity on the part of the Federal
Government and the State Security Service (SSS), carpeting them for
pretending to be unaware of the developments in Ogoniland…Continue to see what he said about the First Lady…

“On the 2nd of August, Ogoni people declared their own political
autonomy from Nigeria’s political landscape, and 72 hours after this
declaration, the Federal Government is playing deaf and dumb. The
Special Assistant to the Information Minister says they are not aware of
such declaration. Whereas, I had preached a simple message on how to
change government peacefully and make the society better, and within two
hours the tape had landed on the table of the State

Security Department that they began to hound me the following day,” said the pastor.

Mr. Bakare’s topic for today was titled “Personal
Insecurity/Inferiority Aborts Your Destiny (Part 1).” The talk lampooned
Mrs. Jonathan’s recent covetous behavior, describing her as suffering
from a psyche of characteristic inferiority. The activist pastor, who
was a vice presidential candidate to General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.),
asserted that Mrs. Jonathan’s background as a stark pauper caused her to
seek “aggressive compensation.” He added that, because Nigeria’s First
Lady was unsure of the reality of the provisions she currently enjoys,
she wants to secure her sudden opulence at all cost, even at the
detriment of public interest.

“Now I know why Jonathan’s wife has become Permanent Secretary; they
are preparing her for the position of the Prime Minister of Niger Delta
Republic,” quipped Mr. Bakare. He condemned the desperation with which
Mrs. Jonathan seeks to be the head of all Africa’s First Ladies, a
permanent secretary in Bayelsa State, as well as her possible greed for
political power in a prospective Niger Delta Republic.

Mr. Bakare stated, “In the time of Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ahmadu Bello, they annexed
their resources to the development of their regions and there were
serious competitions in each region, which in turn contributed to the
federal purse. Now, it is the turn of Otuoke people, and they are
declaring autonomy.”

Mr. Bakare prayed that any agenda set to balkanize the nation would
fail. “We are not saying that people should not control the resources in
their own regions, but they had benefited from the largesse of our
unity in the past. Now, they cannot divorce when they have their own
child.” He added, “It is not true that Nigeria was formed by Lord
Lugard, no. The Bible says in Acts 14 that God predetermines the
boundaries of all nations. He only used the hands of those in the
Western world (to form Nigeria).”

The pastor’s sermon suggested that President Goodluck Jonathan’s
gluttony for power and the First Lady’s actions portrayed a couple bent
on executive misadventures.

“Within ten years from when he was working among the marine animals,
[Mr. Jonathan] was appointed to become deputy governor, and then became
acting governor. Without even thinking about it, he was appointed as
vice presidential candidate and, by doctrine of necessity, he became
acting president. Before he could study how to act, God factor made him
President. Now, he has not even performed in 2011/2012, he is planning
for 2015. His middle name is Jeroboam!” said Mr. Bakare.

In a series of declamations, Mr. Bakare asserted, “When the shoeless
takes over, he does clueless things. When such men of low estate find
themselves in power, terrible things begin to happen.” He added, “It is
the timidity of the inferior that prods them to cover up. Deep rivers
flow in majestic silence.”

In today’s sermon, Mr. Bakare narrated a reported encounter between
Mr. Jonathan and Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie during a visit by the
former prior to the 2011 elections. Bakare related that Mr. Jonathan had
requested that the Catholic prelate pray for him to win the 2011
election. In response, the latter reportedly prophesied, “You will win,
but you will not rule.”

Pastor Bakare stated that the prophecy had been realized since Mrs.
Jonathan and members of a cabal had overshadowed the president.

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  1. Pastor Tunde has been mixing politics with the word. House of God is not a place t be discussing too much politics. Is for preaching the world with little reference to politics and other areas.

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