Man appears in Abeokuta 37 years after his death

Man appears in Abeokuta 37 years after his death 1

Last week in the Mawuko area of Odeda local government area, in Ogun
State, another astonishing occurrence was recorded, when a man believed
to have died thirty seven years ago was sighted.

Unsurprisingly. the sighting of the man, late Sheikh Ibraheem Nyaas,
at a newly constructed building in Mawuko has turned the area into a
tourist attraction, as visitors within and outside the state have been
flocking in to see for themselves.

Leadership newspaper which carried the report said,
“The ghost of Sheikh Ibraheem who had died for almost 37 years ago
started appearing on the walls of a building belonging to one Saubana
Fadeyi.”…….continue reading

Fadeyi, who only moved into the yet to be completed two bedroom flat a
day to the Eid el Fitri celebration, confirmed that he started noticing
a very faint brightness on the wall of his sitting room and the figure
that showed on that wall was a replica of the portrait of Sheikh Nyass
that he engraved at the entrance of the building.

His words:

“My wife first noticed it and she
rushed out to inform me, when I also saw it, I was greatly terrified,
wondering how such thing could have happened”.
“My thought was that the ghost would
eventually disappeared but on the second day, it brightened more and
started showing on all sides of the building which made me ran to a
pastor of a church near my house for assistance”.

Collaborating her husband;s story,  Maryam Fadeyi  said that when she
saw that the happening was a strange thing, “I told my husband to
inform those that knows better than us, it was then we called on an Imam
at a nearby mosque after the Pastor that we invited had advised that we
seek for help from Muslim clerics to solve the misery”.

Fadeyi said that he immediately invited some Muslim clerics in the
area to come and behold the strange happenings in his house. He said,
“The shout of “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) rented the air as hundreds
of people trooped in to behold what happened”.

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