This Lady Died After Contracting Disease From An Alhaji Through Love Making

This Lady Died After Contracting Disease From An Alhaji Through Love Making 1
This has been going around on
BB. But I pay less attention to BB broadcasts these days. This got too much and
almost everyone used her pic as their display picture. I am reporting this
because it is quite touching, and who knows we might just be saving a girl’s
life. The last paragraph of the broadcast read thus; please i am appealing to
all girls, to please be patient and be contented with whatever your parents or
boyfriends can offer. Please tell every girl/lady you know you might just be
saving a life. But if you ask me, my appeal will be,
please be contented with what your parents alone can give you. Any boyfriend
might still use you for his own selfish interest. Please click to read the

She has been very ill for more than one year now.
Reliable sources told us she was used for ritual by one of those rich men
through sex. She hasn’t menstruated for over a year. Whenever she coughs
everybody runs away because her breath smells like shit AND  her private part also oozes like dustbin. She grews lean and lean
every day. After all d money, stress and time her parents wasted she died

This thing you call “RUNS” is just a deadly game and you
might not be lucky the next time you try. Please be warned! RIP ADETUTU.

beware..I don talk my own o….To see what happened to the lady who slept with a politican for N5million click HERE.

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