See Her Royal Highness Princess Kate Middleton Topless Photos

French magazine, Closer, today published topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

The British royal family on Buckingham Palace ...
The British royal family on Buckingham Palace balcony after Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. Kate wears a wedding gown by Sarah Burton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The photos were taken while Kate and William were on private holiday last week in France. Kate and William are so mad about this and the royal family plan to take it up with the magazine! But Piers Morgan thinks Kate has no business taking her top off outside the privacy of her bedroom…and does not think the paparazzi should be blamed for this. What do you guys think? But see the photos first..

God forgive me for putting this up…and God forgive you guys for looking…:-)! See them after the cut…”

UPDATE: Pictures removed because Big G finds them offensive….


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  1. I feel so embarrassed for her. The person that did this is a sociopathic prick. I hope the carma comes back to them in their own family privacy and skeletons being revealed for the world in the same way.

    Yep, I looked, but this should have never been something available to look at.

    • First u spell karma with a k second its her fault u can see her looking at the camera nd third i really dont get how the person who took the picture is a "sociopathic prick" and on a side note u saying the things u did shows what kind of a person u are…. get used to having no privacy

    • If someone wanted to see me naked, I would be flattered. And if you don't want people to see you naked don't go outside naked. And someone should tell her Highness that tan lines are sexy, that would solve the problem of being naked outside in the first place, but I would like to see the tan lines.

    • Ugh, terrible, no longer want to bang the princess. Her body looks horrible and her tits really suck. What a skank u got william, ud think a prince could do better.

    • Worst tits ever? About as unattractive naked as i could have imagined. Really pictured her body being great but now the world knows it is actually quite unattractive. What a skank too, u know they are mot the only ppl on that boat, she goes topless in front of the crew lol.

    • Totally agree. She should feel so embarrassed for being an ugly skank, hopefully she will nvr come to the us or the rest of them loser royals. No 1 fn likes u royals. Bunch of creepy looking british ppl, who would like that? The redhead is the only normal lookin person in that family and hes a firecrotch lol. After seeing her body u got scewed will, proof england sux. In america a rich guy would get a girl others would want to c naked

    • Very average body. People only going about it cause of royal connection. Put her naked on a brazilian beach and nobody would think twice to lookout her. Very over-rated woman

    • Goodness. How dissapointing! She has the ugliest shaggiest breasted ive ever seen. Sad little pancakes! I cant believe a prince finds that attractive. Yuck. I no llonger want to be a lesbian.

    • I hope she has a amazing pussy because those pics wrecked my fantacy she didn't look that good her stomach looks wired and she def saw the camera man

    • leave the princess alone thats royal do you have no morals however sis is phat preety hot and tasty all bull yoy poparzzi suck ur lower than whale shit and thats on the bottom of the ocean ya'll r the lowest form of life you'll do anything for a story how about this photgrafer beheaded for treason u scum sucking pig god bless the queen an i'm american p.s prince william sorry about mom gods speed i vote for ur brother for president god bless son

    • I swear to god the Americans love our royal family more than us British people do btw can none of you spell nice tits Kate but its not a big deal if she was that bothered about it she should have acted more royal and not got them out to begin with

    • I'm American an I say her tits so so but damn here legs and hips are fuckin sexy as hell I would tear that beautiful little ass up. She's what we call in America a dime piece spinner. If she were mine I leave that little pussy trembling every night Lol


  3. Now that is a great body– not like those ugly, thunder thigh, huge baboon -butts like J-Lo, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, etc. that the feral monkeys are howling about.

    • With all that goes on in this world why do people find this worthy of spending time on. What ever happened to something being "news worthy"? This is why magazines are referred to as "rags", somethings to be discarded as is has no good use.

    • She's gorgeous and has a wonderful body. It's great that she is helping loosen up people over a little casual nudity. It's fun to get naked and should be celebrated. It's also fun to spell correctly and to use punctuation and capitalization when replying.

  4. Y can't they just leave alone and let them live a normal life when they get a chance to. They r on holiday for gods sake they ain't hurting anyone they r a young couple in love on holiday the paps shouldn't even be taking their pics y their holiday.

  5. Already busted one they can take em down now thank you papparazi I used to hate your stupid Miley Cyrus mcdonalds videos! Now I love you guys!!

  6. Do think its very intrusive, paps gone too far. But have a bit of common girl, you're a future queen of England, for f%^&s sake, what are you doing putting them on show? Don't you think it was always liable to happen. I find it hard to believe that with the amount of people in your entourage not one of them advised you against it! I also can't see how anyone can be that naive.

  7. Personally I think she posed for these pics as she is seen smiling almost for the camera. Your out in public and they know the papparazi look for this stuff so I say too bad for ya! Deal with it.

  8. I wish i had Bangers like her. She should be proud. Huge invasion.of privacy though. Are they gonna hound her like they did Diana? You would think they would have learnt!

    • Guessing your a criminal from down under. Have some respect douche bag you'd be wiped out by the abbos if it weren't for the commonwealth.

  9. Europeans do things a little different. That's their culture. Let them be. Nothing would be said if it was some regular, everyday couple off the street.

  10. At least it was a camera lens and not a sniper lens. If you can shoot a photo from that distance you can shoot a bullet. Maybe they should look closer at security for both reasons

  11. Maybe they should spend a little more money on cameras so I can see her sweet, young, firm, succulent, ripe, prime, delicious, melonous, desirable titties more clearly when I'm beating my meat!
    Well, gotta run. Time to go tug myself silly again.

  12. I don't know how people can say she had good boobs! I thought they were saggy and flat! Prehaps she should keep her bra on more often then maybe they wouldn't have dropped so quickly!

  13. I'll be honest I just want her sat on my face while she goes to town on my trouser snake and I wanted that before I saw these pics. Good hunting William old chap.

  14. The person who took the pics should take pics of his wife And pulb. to see how it feels to have the world see her,o maybe his wife's breast look like crap

  15. The royals are the celebs of the UK, so they will be stalked and watched where ever they go. Maybe they should use some discretion when doing something like that, or maybe like everybody else they thrive on attention. Take a look at the world we live in and the people the inhabit it. Stop complaining and just enjoy the view, if you don't like it then don't look.

  16. Why can't she be left alone to be a human like the rest of the women who go topless in this world yet no pics of them. She should be allowed privacy.

  17. Royals shud remember that not only are they embarrassing themselves but the whole country they represent. Plus why is she parading naked in the 9pen air anyway? has she no shame? Any1 kud hav seen or pictured that, dnt blame them but urselves.

  18. We as a society need to leave the princess and the prince alone. So what if she was sunbathing topless. They were on private land. Their privacy was invaded, no matter how much people want to say that the paparazzi shot from a public road. A person's privacy is a person's privacy. So what if Princess Kate was sunbathing topless. A lot of people sunbathe topless, or nude. I sunbathe nude all the time. She's a name, that is why there is a big deal made of it. Society, especially American society, has a very puritanical and archaic attitude on the nude human body. So many people find something dirty in the natural beauty of the human body. The princess didn't do anything wrong. The paparazzi did.

  19. It's the same argument as the miniskirt, why bare ur legs if u dont want pepl lukin at thm. U cant screw at ppl 4 lukin when it was. u that got naked. Mayb they were appalled at the sight n thought ppl shud no wot shameless ppl luk like. i feel bad 4 British ppl.

    • I love fried eggs. I'd put my bacon right in her. Thanks, Kate for providing all of us with excellent jack off material for a long time. Don't listen to the haters – they pontificate in forums such as this then they all jack off to your photos, too. Give us more, and maybe have Pippa get in on the next batch.

  20. This American says, LET'S ALL BE NAKED!!! Then you all can be horny or grossed out at every turn of your heads. C'mon let's make a game of it. Just think, you can go from seeing Brooklyn Decker to seeing James Earl Jones.
    Come on people. WE ARE ALL HUMAN!!!! No one person Is better than the other. Money, royalty, common, NONE of which makes a difference. Just bodies people. Those of you who disagree I believe are just prudes and can keep their asses inside.

  21. Please, can anyone with more deeper secret of that evil, murderous house of 'Windsor' (Hitler bloodthirsty) people expose them until they all come out and confess their decades of evil! Sorry, the torch of the evil is being passed from generation to generation, so do we have to feel sorry for the guy? No way! Her grand mother (Witch) signed the deaths of millions of innocent Biafra children to suck their blood and the oil in Biafra land..
    Their insanity even push them to sue a magazine, now they will see an avalanche of leaks… watch the documentary (Like Mother goddess by David Ickes) about the blood-sucking old queen witch, and tell us what use those useless demonic institution is there for? Has any good come out of them, either to British or the rest of the world??

  22. They should have just reacted by saying "who cares they are just boobs. Half the world has them and shame on society for treating everything about the beautiful human form into something sexual." they should have been above the lawsuit.

  23. Funny how our emotions take us so far from common sense. Look she's famous so that means they'll always be a market for photo's like this sorry but it's the truth. She is 1 of hundreds of famous woman caught naked. With this being said. If your going out in public nude you have to accept all consequences.
    I'm not a supporter of the photos. But that's what the guy did for a living. Let's call a spade a spade come on now 😉

  24. Nothing but a fucking dirty, dumb pommy tart. She's obviously got more tits than brains. And thats not saying much….. have always considered myself an Aussie royalist…. Until now…. What a choice for king….. Charles, murderous barstard who had Diana bumped off to be able to remarry and not to damage his claim to the throne. William, who can't control slut, or illegitimate Harry ( Who's kid is he ?? Definately not Charlies…… ).. Fuck the monarchy..

  25. I'm disgusted with most if these comments you people have made!! Do you not have any morels or values?? No wonder why the world is the way it is!! Princess or not she is a human being…..not a piece of meat. Yes she should have known better, just for the simple fact that she is a member of the royal family and should have had more common sense. That is what this world lacks…..COMMON SENSE!!!!

  26. Wake up will you lot, look towards the gulf and what is reallt happening whilst your being distracted, Ok, the flesh has been seen, the papers sold, flack, fines and firings will follow, then the post facto profits will be banked.

    Circuses and free bread for the masses, fast asleep, and Casey Jones in engine number 1, Benny and his ink jets areabout to begin creating your childrens futures, wake the f@#& up.

    • I love to get naked and play with my dick while I perv over her photos. It puts meaning in my life. I'm so glad she did it, although it would have been so much better if she had taken off her bottom also and showed us that heavenly pussy and asshole. Wow. Oh, oh, I'm getting hard again!

  27. Well it's so nice to see the poor grammar and lack of proper spelling from around the world. Some of you shouldn't be around sharp objects much less be allowed to use a computer. Get an education you wankers.

  28. I think Kate is hot. Her face is gorgeous and her body is smokin. I don't know what's wrong with al of you dipshits. Most of you probably live in your parents basement and jerk off playing video games all day while the rest of us work. Mabe if you had a purpose in life rather than being a drain on society you wouldn't have all of this time to be cutting everyone down. Save the shit talk for your next game of black ops with the other pimply faced masterbaters who wouldn't know what to do with a real woman like Kate. Or the ugly pig they will end up with. How about you turds go back to your Facebook fagotry and pick on your own friends and family. I'm sure there are a lot more losers to chose from. Or mabe not. Your probably the cheese dick that will get picked on.

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