Fela Kuti Verified On Twitter

Fela Kuti Verified On Twitter 1
Fela Kuti Verified On Twitter 2


The account which was created in October 2009 was verified by twitter some days ago.  When Yeni Kuti, the eldest daughter of the late great Afrobeat legend, was contacted, she said she was neither apprised of the account nor did she know who created it.
‘I’m not on Twitter, I don’t know who runs the account. I’ll run this by my people, this shouldn’t be legal. I’ll have to get back to you‘, she told our reporter over the telephone.
From what i found out,  the account is actually being run by independent US label Knitting Factory Records (KFR). The label is responsible for re-releasing Fela’s catalog controlled by top gun labelUniversal Music…His last son Seun Kuti released his 2011 album ‘From Africa With Fury: Rise‘ under the Knitting Factory Records

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