Will The World Really End Today?

Will The World Really End Today? 1

According to the Mayan Calender, the world is supposed to end today, the 21st of December 2012. Over the past two years, this prediction has caused a lot of trepidation and anxiety all over the world with millions of people in a state of panic. The Gullible among us totally believe that the world will end today. I have read reports of most people all over the world, selling their properties and carrying out vigils to await the Mayan Apocalypse. In Nigeria, many people would come out in a show of needless bravado to shout that they don’t believe the world will end today but in their hearts, they quake with fear and wonder if they hadn’t spoken out of turn, especially if it happens that the world really ends today!…..continue reading

These Doomsday Predictions have been a recurring decimal in the world for as long as I remember. In 1991, I think, a South Korean Preacher predicted that the world would end on the 20th of October that year or on some nebulous date which I don’t care to remember. Being an undergraduate then, I remember the UNN campus was filled with fear as the day approached. I waited till it was midnight of the scheduled date and with a few of my friends in the Drama Department then, we went round the hostels, howling like spirits and making an eerie din! I can bet that there was much quaking under the iron beds in some hostels that night. We all had a good laugh. I would like to believe we took that action to make people realize the folly of believing such crap.

As today marks ‘the end of the world’, there are a few instructive things to note about this charade. First, I think Man has lost his faith. Worldwide, the belief in God has been watered down by technological advancements with many people putting their implicit trust in man-made inventions other than the Spiritual Source of those inventions. So, when a prophecy such as the Mayan one comes along, there’s always a tendency for man to interpret it with scientific arguments and if it doesn’t add up, it is discarded.

Secondly, whilst this may be the Age Of Thought, where self-beliefs and freedom to choose who or what we worship seem to be the order of the day, in essence we don’t even know what to do! Man still has a deep fear of the Unknown. Those who pontificate that they are atheists and free-thinkers, know at the back of their minds that somehow, the world was never formed by the Big Bang explosion which Science theorizes. Why a lot of people run away from the One True God is because they refuse to believe that Hell is real or that there’s an afterlife of judgement. But there’s just that nagging fear in such people. A ‘what if I’m wrong’ scenario in their minds, never unspoken. This Mayan prophecy helped to accentuate all that!

Lastly, it is my belief that the world will end today. But not the physical world as we know it. The Spiritual World takes a new turn today and a new spiritual world order has started today. It will be hard for many to decipher or believe and I’m not in any way asking anyone to believe it. I have a feeling that when the Mayans predicted this day thousands of years ago, though fetish and largely demonic in my opinion, their vision was not in any way a pointer to the fact that the Physical World would end. Such predictions have to be looked at from another perspective. And that is what I have chosen to do. As a Christian, I’m inclined to see things with my Second Sight. We live in a world where the forces of Good and Evil clash every macro-second. For every evil which abounds, God permits it for a time and age to follow a course. We as mere mortals have to kow-tow to a Greater Force beyond our comprehension. We can only follow the one we know from the Holy Books we have to read.

Written  by Ace Movie Producer Charles Novia

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