U.S Marines drink COBRA BLOOD in Thailand forest training exercise

Open wide: A Thai Navy instructor drips cobra blood into the mouth of a female Marine in the jungle
The U.S. soldiers are taking part in Cobra Gold 2013, an annual, multi-national military training programme that incorporates jungle survival techniques.
After being taught how to kill the venomous snakes by Thai naval instructors, the Marines were given the option of experiencing a local custom; drinking the animals’ blood and without being forced, they decided to drink the blood…
Lai Lai, nothing in this world would make me try that…whether by force or not. Damn! Even looking at them gives  me the jitters..***Real Jungle Juice***Continue to see the pictures but VIEWERS DISCRETION IS HIGHLY ADVISED

Tough: The soldier wipes her mouth after drinking the cobra blood as part of a demonstration on how to kill the venomous snakes

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Extreme: A U.S. Marine is seen with the tail of a dead cobra protruding from his mouth during the survival exercise in Sattahip, Thailand
Jungle training: In parts of eastern Asia snake blood is sold as an aphrodisiac
Bizarre: The soldiers were drinking the snake blood as part of Cobra Gold 2013, an annual multi-national military training exercise
Survival: The training exercise covers amphibious assault, jungle survival, humanitarian relief, and evacuation of friendly forces
When in Thailand: After being taught how to kill the venomous snakes, the Marines were given the option of drinking the animals' blood
Tradition: Drinking snake blood is a local custom in parts of Thailand
A Thai naval officer holds the long snake over the Marine's mouth
A U.S. Marine shows off his efforts to the camera


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