Will This Be The New Guy’s Trend?

Not to be outdone by troubled music producer Kanye West and his odd collection of face masks, pop idol Justin Bieber wore a trendy gas mask during a stop at the appropriate named Acne Studios in London yesterday. 
Celebrity fashion blog Upscale Hype suggests that Kanye is starting a new fashion trend with his face masks. West was seen wearing a Maison Martin Margiela crystal mask in Atlantic City, NJ, and a red ski mask in Paris, France last week. And rapper A$AP Rocky donned a black ski mask at the Y-3 Fall/Winter 2013 show during New York Fashion Week. It remains to be seen if the face mask fad catches on with Kanye, Bieber and A$AP fans…peep more pictures when you continue

Justin Bieber

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Will This Be The New Guy's Trend? 1
Kanye West wearing Maison Martin Margiela Sparklng Crystal Face Mask and Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers at Revel in Atlantic City

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