Choi See How Ne-Yo announced breakup with fiancée over Instagram

Ne-Yo & Monyetta Shaw - Cover
Ne-Yo & Monyetta - Breakup Photo


It’s rare that a celebrity breakup isn’t a public affair, but it’s especially a high-profile fiasco when it happens online. Such was the case when Ne-Yo recently announced that he’d broken up with his fiancée, Monyetta Shaw, via an Instagram post.
Ne-Yo made the shocking announcement on June 29 with a somewhat somber photograph that he used to share his sadness and his gratitude for Shaw, the mother of his two children.
 In any case, it was definitely an odd move for Ne-Yo, who is typically private, to announce his breakup in such a public way.
BTW,  Monyetta is his baby momma. Shaking my head!!!

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