PHOTO:One Of The Terrorists Who Hacked And Beheaded A BRITISH Soldier Alleged To Be Nigerian

There’s an unconfirmed report that one of the guys who carried out the Woolwich terrorist attack in London is a Nigerian? Or bearing a Nigerian name? See the video HERE
Here’s what I got on blackberry from CKN

“One of the guys that carried out the Woolwich beheading’s name is Michael Adeboloja. Another British Nigerian turned Islamist”

Meanwhile someone claiming to be his friend has identified him on twitter. If this is true, its very sad, alarming and barbaric . Its bad enough that we have Boko Haram giving the country a bad name, and also the Pant bomber who really tarnished Nigeria’s Image. 
Approving Visa for Nigerian’s now would be something like going through hell…
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  1. U see how stupid some people can be…….This guy's accent shows he is British Nigerian…meaning he was born in Britain……His action was bad and Britian should acknowledge he is British too and not only Nigerian…If he had done a good act, he will be known and addressed as an English man…Michael Adeboloja is reportedly one of the London attackers. He allegedly answers to his Muslim name "Mujahid," or "one who fights Jihad." He is reportedly the man in the video alone. Word is that he is a Muslim convert.
    Someone claiming to be his friend has identified him on Twitter. His nationality is still not known, but it may be Somali. Adebolaja is a Yoruba name from South West Nigeria.
    As a Nigerian, I am deeply ashamed of his barbaric action.The facts are here are that this deranged boy in the video was born in England and British. He is Black. His parents are Nigerian. He was not born a Muslim. He may have siblings who are not Muslims. He changed religion in country. His conversion was in country. It should now be about clerics and their preaching in mosques so that we can save more people from ending up this way for both victims and perpetrators

  2. First of all, this guy is a citizen of Britain. He's a black man from an African descent but having an Afrcan parents doesn't make him African. Secondly, the guy is insane. You would need a sincere doctor and a good lawyer to proof this. Which man in his right senses will attack a stranger, kill him and behead him then march to the camera and give a press briefing happily and victorously? It is sad but it's high time we started looking for alternative answers. I watched some documentary on NatGeo sometime back, and they suggested some sort of mind control engineering by extra terrestrials/super human/spiritual agents etc. We really need to start looking for alternative answers to some meaningless terrorist actvities.

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