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Ex Minister Femi Fani-Kayode And Mistress Vivian Agbaza At War!



Ex Minister Femi Fani-Kayode And Mistress Vivian Agbaza At War! 5
Drama! Culled from SDK
The half naked lady in the above picture  is Vivian Agbaza, she’s about 27-28years old. Lived and studied in Lagos until she met FFK about 4years ago. According to sources when he met her she was in rags, though she had just finished her 1st degree from Unilag at the time. She’s from a poor family background, but an exceptionally intelligent young lady. He met her through a young dude whom sources say is her social friend. from Then on he began the dry cleaning process to clean her up to match his status.
 Anyhow, FFK and Vivian kicked off their  relationship, and soon after he invited her to come and live and work in Abuja..though she had a job in Lagos at the time. But because he wanted to see her often, he asked she transferred to Abuja, which she did. She worked for a few months upon relocating to ABJ to be with him, but soon stopped working when he asked her to stop. It was from that moment on that FFK became solely financially responsible for her needs. He transformed her life completely. Moreso the lives of her aging parents who live somewhere in Ajegunle, lagos.

 A bit of Vivian’s background is thus…her father has been ill and physically incapacitated for many years and uses adult diapers. Before Vivian’s father took ill, he used to pastor the family church which attracted a few members, a church attached to the house where they live in Ajegunle. Vivian’s mother a petty trader sells stuffs in front of their house, stuffs like sweets, condoms, maggi etc. She’s a co evangelist in the same church. Vivian lives to please both her parents being the last child of 6. She’s always morally mindful of her folks and tries to convince them that she’s a responsible daughter. So her relationship with FFK who’s a married man would be a taboo to before her family. So when she, Vivian, moved into FFK’s matrimonial home in ABJ, she lied to her parents that it was her employers that got her transferred.

Ex Minister Femi Fani-Kayode And Mistress Vivian Agbaza At War! 6

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 FFK bought her a car soon after she got to ABJ, he started to give her monthly allowance when she finally stopped work. He would also cater for her family indirectly, as they assumed that the monies sent to them was from the work she was doing. Not even her siblings got wind of what Vivian was up to. While she was in ABJ with FFK, a lot of unpleasant issues happened. One of which was that FFK’s wife finally got to know that another woman had taken over her position in her own husband’s house. A situation that she couldn’t manage because she’s not able to come into Nigeria for reasons i do not know.
 According to the sources, All his wife could do was render her hubby prayer’s from her base.
 Vivian took advantage of the unfortunate situation in the Fani Kayodes’ life to turn things around for her selfish benefit.. including his household staff who started to answer ‘madame’ to her. Oh FFK was alright with everything because he was blinded and in ‘love’ with Vivian…. She would demand huge sums of money and wouldn’t rest until he met all her needs. This was the modus operandi for the first 2years that she lived with him. Then came a time when she insisted on going to the UK to study for her masters degree.
 Let me also state that before this time, Vivian had never been on a plane before she met FFK. But for the few times when she insisted on visiting Dubai for a shopping spree with her friends, with all expense paid by FFK
 So he facilitated her travel document and got her an admission in one of the Universities in the UK for her degree program. When Vivian resumed in the UK, her parents didn’t know about it either, they assumed she was still in ABJ. She was able to maintain the lie because she frequented Nigeria during the course of her studies. And then….her financial demands of FFK mounted and doubled but by this time FFK had become financially drained…NO MONEY!
 Vivian knew this fully,but would insist that he gets her monies at all cost, did I mention that he was giving her $2,000USD a month as pocket money? Well, she wanted more than that and if he shrugged, she would start war with him. A war which finally led to the very messy breakup between the duo end of last year 2012.
 She would at different times pass deterogatory remarks at him when they start their fights. Remarks like..”I have finished you, you are nothing now. I got everything I want from you. Go to hell”…etc. These words truly got at FFK, who at this time believed that Vivian had a spiritual hold on him as revealed by several men/women of God who prayed for him at different times. Her aim was to destroy him completely. He knew this but still couldn’t flee from Vivian Agbaza. It became life threatening at some point too. It was also said to FFK by some people of God that Vivian was sought from the marines by her mother. And that the family church which Vivian’s folks operate is not of God. But that in fact the church represents a spiritually demonic embodiment which is where Vivian and her mother got their manipulative powers from. 
  Also, that it was the same marine powers that Vivian’s mother sought and used to turn her father into a vegetable who today now wears adult diapers. Its been said that Vivian’s mission is to destroy FFK and leave him for dead. She has been described spiritually to be a ‘glory thief’ and dangerous…these and more were revealed about the young lady Vivian Agbaza.
 Femi Fani Kayode not only started to see true evidence, the implications, and the manifestation of the spiritual undertone. in the physical, he also started to feel the doom spiritually too. But he couldn’t withdraw from her…the hold was very strong. And it seemed that every time he almost achieved to blot her out of his life, once she sought to have sex with him and he complies, he would be hooked all over again.

  In all of these, Mrs Regina Fani Kayode, FFK’s wife, started to pray and to fast for her husband to be liberated from this daughter of Jezebel as she was now tagged. It was 4 years of complete turmoil for the Fani Kayode’s while this lady lived in their home.
 What finally broke the camel’s back was sometime last year when Vivian Agbaza was rounding off with her masters degree in the UK. She had planned with FFK who promised to get his friend who’s British to secure a good job for her, Vivian in the UK when she was done studying. She was happy and hopeful. But while this was pending, Vivian started to imply in her conversations with FFK that when she returned to Nigeria it would be a new face of her life.
That she may have to move on without him because she also wants to settle down, have kids, get married, and perhaps to make her parents proud of her after all. These comments didn’t go down well with FFK because of the tone in which she delivered them. He found her words the most insensitive words from a lady whom he had spent over 15Million Naira to sponsor in the course of her studies in the UK alone. Not mentioning all the other things he’s done her and her family. As a result of her comments they had a little argument and he threatened to withdraw his British friend from securing a job for her as planned. She went very mad because of this and started to cuss him out.
 Perhaps it was the prayers of the Mrs…..or perhaps not but It looked like FFK had been waiting for that day to come when Vivian would voluntarily move on, a day that he would be free from her shackles…but a part of him felt used, drained, rejected, when she spited him about her future plans. He was very unhappy.

 Finally at the last lap of her degree program she demanded money off him again. A huge sum but the handsome ex minister didnt have it..pepper no rest!..that was how the fight started again. She called him unprintable names as usual. But this time, he also blasted her and told her to go to hell.
 he reminded her of all that he did for her…and she said there was no big deal in whatever he may have done to help her.

 His reaction shocked her…..the scales were falling off his big eyeballs.
 At this point he cut off all communications with her, and refused to pick her calls. Then she resorted to cheap blackmails…Vivian Agbaza picked her phone and made a call to FFK’s wife..telling her to warn her husband, and that she would deal with him.

 On hearing this, FFK went ballistic. This was when he decided that he had had enough of Vivian Agbaza’s ungrateful traits and evil manipulation of his life. He also decided to fight back by letting the cat out of the bag.
 He called Vivian’s parents to explain all that their daughter had been doing in the 4years she lived with him. He also revealed that he sponsored her to the UK and every other thing that transpired. Of course the news almost killed her father who was already sick…and it was a rude shock and shame to her mother who thought that her daughter was the most well behaved who could never date a married man takless of moving into his matrimonial home whilst his wife is still alive.
 Mrs Fani Kayode also reacted, she called the Agbaza’s asking them to please put Vivian to order because she had suffered enough humiliation from her in the 4years of her affair with her husband.
  Vivian was crushed to find out that all her secrets had been revealed to her family, she tried to reach FFK on phone but couldn’t get him to answer it and She sent in series of abusive messages but When she couldn’t reach FFK she hacked into his email and facebook account.
  Sending mails sporadically to his female friends that he was a bad man and a liar, that he has no money again and is frustrated, that he preys on ladies on social media…etc. She even went as far as to share with his contacts some of the mails that he exchanged with some random females.
 All these and a lot of messy stuff transpired. But finally, when Vivian realized that FFK was not continuing the relationship she became frustrated and attempted to commit suicide. She cut her own arteries with a knife and was rushed to a Hospital in London when she fell into a coma.
 It was from the hospital that her cousins who were at her bedside pulled a call through to FFK. First they threatened that if anything happened to Vivian he would be held accountable for it. But then later, when Vivian insisted that it is only when she speaks with FFK that she will know that all is well, he was forced to talk soothing words of comfort to her at that time. And he promised her all will be well…and that ended the drama for then.
 But today…months after…but for the recent half naked picture that was exposed of Vivian Agbaza by FFK on his blackberry display Clearly points to the direction that all isn’t well with the duo again.
 His caption on the picture reads…. “Lessons for today- buy fresh pampers for your shitting father and stop trying to teach your elders and betters any life lessons. A pig with lipstick is still a pig.”
 Eh eh eh…definitely there’s fire on the mountain between the duo again. Only I can’t put a finger on what may have aroused the shocking caption he put up on his bb status……

 Those on his bb say he has since taken off this pic and the message.
 *Talk bout Drama 

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  1. Anonymous

    July 13, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    Femi is on his wife no 3. And why is the woman unable to visit NIgeria?

  2. Anonymous

    July 13, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    Nollywood movie. Someone will soon turn this into a movie.

  3. Anonymous

    July 13, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    Greed is very dangerous. now where is she

  4. Anonymous

    July 13, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    What was Femi expecting. the young girl marry an old man like you. Biko wisen up

  5. Anonymous

    July 13, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    Stop rmbarrassing yourself Mr Femi. Your just bringing shame to your wife and numerous kids.

  6. Anonymous

    July 13, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    Whoever wrote this article is an idiot for wasting our time with some bullshit tales by moonlight!

  7. Eby

    July 13, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Now this story i starting to make sense. So this is why he said a few weeks back that he is not a saint and that he ha cheated on his wife before. Dumb Damage control. All these men, I really tire for una. What can I say to this babe? Femi has married many women in the past so I guess all she wanted was her share of the national cake. Words fail me!!!! Men!!!!! So what was Femi thinking before? That the babe will stay abi? Mtscheeee!

  8. Anonymous

    July 19, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    This writer has beef for the Vivian girl. She has tried to paint the worst possible picture of her and her family. i suspect the writer may have been interested in FFK herself but was beaten to the punch by Vivian. The PHD (Pull Her Down) is too obvious to be objective journalism.

  9. Anonymous

    July 24, 2013 at 4:42 am

    Trash!!! Why do you folks indulge in all this shallow, pointless rubbish talk? Kanyi, you are still young, get a good education and better your life. Leave useless gossip that will only land you all in hell fire!
    Useless generation! Rubbish society! #sickening

    • Anonymous

      November 5, 2013 at 12:13 pm

      why are you on here reading it then?

  10. Anonymous

    August 2, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    Embarrassing for any person not to talk of a man who constantly puts himself in the limelight. Which egbelekokumiyo you chop, hehn? Hmmmmmm.

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