PHOTO: World's Highest Paid Model Gisele Bundchen Blasted For Doing This

Not the most safe form of trasnsport: Gisele Bündchen rides a quad bike with her daughter Vivian in one arm, in Costa RicaWhat about the brakes? With Vivian in one arm, Gisele can't easily stop the vehicle in an emergency


Quad bikes aren’t exactly the safest form of transport, but that didn’t stop Gisele Bündchen from carrying her baby on her lap as she drove one.
The Brazilian model navigated the rough terrain of Costa Rica on the four wheeler, with her daughter Vivian in one arm and her hand on just one of the handlebars, with neither passengers wearing a helmet.
Though the baby was strapped into a baby carrier, it did mean that Gisele wouldn’t be able to get easy access to both brakes if she needed to stop suddenly…A lot of people online blasted her for endangering the life of a baby!…Meanwhile i love me the pic you’ll see when you continue!

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