Did Kim Kardashian Shade Beyonce And Jay Z on Instagram?

Kanye West and Scott Disick Photo
GQ declared that Kanye West is a “style god” earlier this week, and his wife Kim Kardashian is taking the title seriously by reminding the world that Yeezy is responsible for such bold, trendsetting fashion statements such as…ski masks!
Kim did her Throwback Thursday this week by posting a photo of Kanye looking like he’s ready to pull a bank heist with his brother in-law (Only if he get’s married to Kourtney, the mother of his two kids).
Many are interpreting Kim’s caption on the photo as a subtle shot at Jay Z and Beyonce.

#ThrowbackThursday #LastYear #StyleIcons” wrote Kim.

So what’s the big deal? …..continue to find out

On the Run Tour Art

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Bey and Jay, hip hop royal couple, have donned ski masks in promotional materials for, and onstage during, their current On The Run tour. So we guess 33 year old Kim Kardashian, took it upon herself to point out to the world, in a roundabout way, that it was actually her husband 37 year old husband who started the ski mask trend in 2013.
So it’s easy to see how Kim’s remindes us that Kanye West is a “#StyleIcon,” and his ski mask pic was taken “#LastYear” could be taken as low-key jabs at the hip hop power couple.
Did Kim Kardashian Shade Beyonce And Jay Z on Instagram? 1
Apparently Kim is still bitter at Bey and Jayz decided not to attend their wedding cos Queen Beyonce didn’t want to filmed for their ”Keeping up with the Kardashians” reality show.

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