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Ray J Regrets Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian, Sings ”I Never Shoulda Banged ‘Bitches’ On Camera”



Ray J Regrets Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian, Sings ''I Never Shoulda Banged 'Bitches' On Camera'' 3

Ray J is either turning a new leaf or he simply cany get over his past. Incase if you dont know Ray J, his Brandy’s brother and also the dude who made a sex tape with Kim Kardashian that got her super famous.

Ray J is known for celebrating some of the strangest events in his past—do we even have to mention “I Hit It First?”.  He is now feeling bad, and has released “Never Shoulda Did That.” The video is the exact opposite of “I Hit It First” and shows Ray, standing alone on a beach at sunset, pondering life’s greatest questions.

In “Never Shoulda Did That” … Ray confesses and sorta apologizes for a bunch of crap. From taking drugs, fighting in clubs, yelling at friends, cheating on his GF Princess Love — and this Krazy line that’s directed to Kim Kardashian!…….

 “I got drunk in the club, and yes I fucked that bitch” and “Fucking bitches on camera, never shoulda did that shit.” 

Biko tell me what’s worse—bragging about doing it first, or bragging and then regretting bragging about doing it first and the hating the bitch you did it with? —Am sure that line will Keep Kim Kardashian’s ear buzzing!

Here’s the thing … Ray J may sing he shouldn’t have banged Kim, but we know his bank account screams otherwise. He’s still making coin off of “Kim K Superstar. – All the other stuff — he probably does regret … and should. Watch the video when you continue….

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  1. Anonymous

    August 1, 2014 at 11:21 am

    He should grow up & move on. Stop acting like an immature fool

  2. Anonymous

    August 1, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    Ray j and adrienne bailon should get together

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