Is Nick Cannon Divorcing Mariah Carey For Being An Unstable Mum?

Is Nick Cannon Divorcing Mariah Carey For Being An Unstable Mum? 1
It was shocking enough that Nick Cannon confirmed last week that he and his wife,Mariah Carey, were headed for a divorce. But now it appears that initial reports that Carey initiated the divorce may be false, and that Cannon may have actually been the one who wanted to split up.
According to TMZ, sources claim that Cannon is ending his marriage with Carey because, surprisingly, he thinks her mental state is unstable. Cannon allegedly feels that Carey’s people have done nothing to help fix her mental state and that they only care about her ability to make money.
Making matters worse is the claim that Cannon is questioning Carey’s role as a mother to their two kids, Moroccan and Monroe. The sources claim that Cannon thinks she’s created a toxic environment for their two kids and that they’re already showing signs of being affected by Carey’s toxicity. Cannon allegedly wants to provide their kids with a more stable environment of his own.

Is Nick Cannon Divorcing Mariah Carey For Being An Unstable Mum? 2

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However, the sources also say that Cannon is taking a “passive” role in the divorce and that he’s asked his lawyers to find the most peaceful way for him and Carey to split.
Well, those are some pretty harsh accusations and Cannon hasn’t confirmed or denied the story yet, but we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear about this matter from either star.

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