Man Arrested After He Bragged On Facebook That He Murdered A 20 Year Old Man The Previous Day

A man has been charged with murder after he bragged about the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old boy on Facebook.


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Tarece Lamark Cooks was today charged with the Monday night death of 20 year old Dunta Marquis Barber of Greenville.

Dispatchers said deputies responded to reports of gunshots just before 6:30 p.m. at Boulder Creek Apartments while Coroner Parks Evans said Barber died at Greenville Memorial Hospital almost 40 minutes after he was shot.
Deputies said investigators learned Cooks and Barber knew each other, and there was a fight between them Monday night. That led to Cooks firing a handgun, striking Barber at least one time, according to deputies.

Dispatch said witnesses heard gunshots from a vehicle, then saw it flee the scene.
Cooks’ Facebook post said he was by himself in Greenville waiting for his girlfriend when the shooting happened.
In the post, Cooks said that the shooting wasn’t a drive-by. He said, 

“I do walk ups.”

He apologizes to the mother of his victim’s baby and to the baby for “taking his father.”
The post also said, 

“I can’t apologize for defending myself.”


Cooks was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon and is being held at the Greenville County Detention Center. Barber’s family members crowded into the courtroom to watch as a judge ordered Cooks held without bond.
Barber’s cousin told WYFF News 4 that he leaves behind four children.

“Why? Why would you take a father away from four kids and a son from his mom and the rest of his family,” said Candice Emery. “Regardless of the circumstances, this is somebody’s family who was loved.”

Investigators say they are not seeking additional suspects in the case.

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