Woman Breaks Her Four Weeks Old Baby’s Skull Cos She Couldn’t Get Enough Sleep

A 22-year-old mother from Colerain Township is being detained after she admitted to assaulting her 4-week-old infant son last month, according to court records.


Peek Gaddis faces a second-degree felonious assault charge following her arrest at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Police investigators said that Gaddis punched her infant son several times with a closed fist on May 10, according to a sworn court affidavit.

“Children are precious gifts God gives to us,” Judge Ted Berry told Gaddis in court.

Gaddis’ attorney said the infant son and two other children have been placed in Foster care.

Judge Berry set Gaddis’ bond at $15,000 with a stay away order from her children. A grand jury will report on her trial on June 22.

Gaddis, a nurse’s aide, admitted to “becoming frustrated” with her child “because he was crying and making it difficult for her to sleep,” court records state. Gaddis admitted to striking her son several times, police said.

The child suffered multiple bone fractures, including a fractured skull that resulted in a brain bleed, records state.

Gaddis is currently being held in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

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