Billionaire Wife Dabota Lawson Accused Of STEALING Natural Dermis Product Design And Packaging [PHOTOS]

Billionaire wife Dabota Lawson has been accused of stealing after she started her cosmetics company called ‘Dabota Cosmetics‘ under Billionaire Wife Ltd, and released into the market her lightening cream which looks almost exactly like Natural Dermis’ face cream.

According to Natural Dermis, Dabota knocked off their entire product packaging, bottle, font (style size & placement) & even box labels. She copied the large descriptive word of the product in handwriting, the glass encased bottle, the silver pump, the English then french description beneath it.

See more photos of the very obvious matching bottles with matching handwriting.

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Natural Dermis, the skin care line is said to be outraged. reports that the company & company representative feel cheated & robbed of their original bottle design by Dabota Cosmetics, adding that:

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Natural Dermis has chosen to make this a matter of public knowledge before they begin their legal documentation to make we, the Nigerian public aware of the brands we are patronizing.

 The Bottom Line

Putting your products on the world wide web gives you next to zero control over who views your content or who copies & steals your idea to use as their own product design.

Protecting your intellectual property over the Internet is complicated. It was once quoted that “The web has become an UNORIGINAL designers one-stop-shop for endless materials to shamelessly ripoff” & design theft has become rampant online as social media grows.

There is often a blurred line between inspiration & theft; this is a clear case of theft. Theft is inevitable & strangers are riding the coat tails of your successful ideas with hordes of copycats increasing rapidly.

The Legalities

This is the process that will take place:

Natural Dermis will send a “cease & desist” letter which is a formal take down notice for Dabota Cosmetics to remove any products in question which will be specified in the document. The infringer, Dabota Lawson, will have 30 days to stop using the copied work beginning immediately once the letter is received by the company or individual.

Natural Dermis has been collecting their original hard copies of their  bottle & label designs to begin a copyright lawsuit & sue for copyright infringement if Dabota Cosmetics fails to comply.  They have been advised by their copyright attorney that failure to do so will result in a copyright infringement letter being sent out next.

Natural Dermis will seek retribution for the profits that Dabota Cosmetics has acquired using their original design, which is the selling point for most cosmetics companies (the bottle, label, packing is what initially attracts the consumer).

Natural Dermis will have to calculate how much the infringer company has unlawfully profited from their design so Dabota needs to start collecting her receipts & accounts for the products sold.

I must admit, this is an interesting tactic to go public. I guess “an angry mob is a lot harder to ignore than a lone complainer” & it has proven effective in the past where outraged readers flood the offender’s social media in hopes they will admit stealing the idea & apologize to the victim.

Legal issues become a messy & time intensive process. The frivolous lawsuit against Dabota Lawson will leave her having to aggressively defend her position to prove the allegations are groundless without merit. She will have to show how she rendered the idea for packaging & her ideas must have been sourced onto a tangible medium or printed with an original date to prove they were truly hers.

The request for removal is reasonable & Dabota should do so before things go any further into an unnecessary drawn out legal battle where she will have to pay for legal council.

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  1. Busted! So that is how billionaire wife came up with her concept? By stealing another companies brand? omo dis one na real thievery

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