Dabota Lawson Shuts Down Copyright Infringement Rumour

Dabota Lawson has shut down the rumour that her beauty company was sued for copyright infringement by Natural Dermis Skin Care.

Earlier yesterday, reports surfaced that the Las Vegas-based skin care company dragged the former beauty queen’s Billionaire Wife Ltd company to court for imitating their products.

However, Dabota has published her correspondence with the company, confirming that such court application never occurred, that it was all a plan to take potshots at her hardwork and brand.

“Natural Dermis Skincare never released such statement or filed any law suits. Let alone communicate with whoever started this weak thread,” the beauty queen wrote on her Instagram yesterday, strongly condemning the report, before adding, “This is just a bid to malign my image & business.”

And in her next post, she published their email communication. “Dear Queens, let’s continue to enjoy DABOTA COSMETICS as usual . We are here to stay FOREVER,” she added.

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