This 85 Year Old Model Is Proof That Beauty Is Ageless! [PHOTO + VIDEO]

85 year old ”young”  model Carmen Dell’Orefice continues to prove that beauty is ageless! Check out the living fashion legend’s recent runway highlights, and hear what she has to say about true beauty …

The Supermodel, muse, icon, inspiration and graceful woman just goes on to prove that beauty is timeless and that age is just a number.

Watch video when you continue…

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  1. Beauty is ageless. She carries herself with wisdom, grace and a gift youth can't offer…time. Life, love and fashion does not end in youth. Beauty goes on! Live it and shine like the bright star that you are!!! Love, love, love!!! ❤

  2. Beautiful! She was on an episode of "CBS Sunday Morning" when she explained she had to come out of retirement because she lost her fortune investing with Bernie Madoff.

  3. She has had a lot of "work" done. No 80 year old does not have wrinkles, sagging, bagging neck and eyes. She's doing women a disservice by not divulging the truth. And so are you Kanyi

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